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Mobile Ops: Legendary Stat Shop


Legendary Stat Shop

The Mobile Ops Stat Shop has been expanded to include newer, more powerful boosts. Where the older nodes maxed out in the tens of thousands, the legendary ones reach into the trillions. In addition to adding more powerful boosts, the legendary nodes include new types of upgrades not present in the older nodes.

  • Attack: 1T% Rally/CP, 1T% Troop, 1T% Army, 1T% Type
  • Armor Piercing: 10M% Troop, 10M % Army, 10M% Type
  • AP Resilience: 20% Troop, 20% Army, 20% Type
  • Defense: 1B% Troop, 1B% Army, 1B% Type
  • Combat Shielding: 1B% Rally Shielding for Base, 1B% Base Shielding
  • Health: 1T% Outpost Combat, 1T% Rally/CP, 1T% Mobile Trap, 1B% Troop, 1B% Army, 1B% Type
  • Eco. Boosts: 1000% Research Speed, 2000% Troop Training/Promotion Speed, 5% Troop Training/Promotion Cost Reduction, +10T Troop/Promotion Queue Size

Legendary Stat ShopInnovator’s Gear Set

The Innovator’s Gear Set is not at all new, however, it does have a new perk. When fully equipped, this research set provides a massive 32% discount on all Stat Shop upgrades.

While the above covers the Legendary Stat Shop, there is a full guide on Mobile Ops and more here.


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