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Legendary Troop Enhancements


Legendary Troop Enhancements

Adding to the normal Troop Enhancements levels, Legendary Troop Enhancements grant massive boosts, ranging from Defense to Corrosive Attack. With the new levels come three extra types of credits: Armor, Utility, and Weapon. Boosts are divided into groups based on the credit needed to acquire them, and each group is made up of 3 boosts.

troop-enhancment-creditNormal Credits – Misc. Troop Boosts

  • 5% Troop Training Resource Cost Reduction
  • 250M% Troop Defense
  • 20T% Troop Attack

armor-troop-enhancement-creditArmor Credits – Defense

  • 65.23M% Indestructible Defense
  • ~652.34B% Troop and Rally Base Combat Shielding
  • 32.62M% Triple Defense

utility-troop-enhancement-creditUtility Credits – Health

  • ~19.57T% Rally/CP Health
  • ~6.52T% Mobile Trap Health
  • ~6.52T% Troop Health

weapon-troop-enhancement-creditWeapon Credits – Attack

  • ~652.34B% Rally/CP Attack
  • ~1.63T% Overpowered Attack
  • 32.62M% Corrosive Attack


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