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Level 10 Rebel Targets

Level 10 Rebel Targets

Recently, developers introduced a new top level of rebel target, level 10. These rebel targets spawn in the control point forest, so keep in mind your shield will drop if you teleport near one to attack it. New gear was released concurrently to assist with defeating them, seen below.



New Gear sets (all stats when gear is fully enhanced, with a full set bonus active)

Ultimate Grand Bounty Hunter’s Gear set: +1m% commander attack, +100% critical chance, +29.15% rebel defense debuff, +140% energy regeneration, +769,200 max energy, +250% commander deployment speed


Someone with almost maxed out Ultimate
Someone with almost maxed out Ultimate Grand Bounty Hunter gear


Grand Bounty Hunter’s Gear set: +110k% commander attack, all other boosts same as Ultimate Grand set

Bounty Hunter’s Gear set: +25k% commander attack, all other boosts same as Ultimate Grand set

These gear sets are only available through purchases, with the Grand and Ultimate sets only being obtainable through creating them in the Armory, similar to the Champion 2017 Gear sets which were released previously. The materials to craft are obtainable from Bounty Hunter 2017 Mystery Crates, and to enhance gear from Bounty Hunter 2017 Enhancing Mystery Crates.


To attack these rebel targets you will need to have researched level 10 rebel targets in the Commander Research tree. It is at the bottom of the tree, so you will need to have researched the preceding levels of rebel targets as well.


The research requires 5000 Rebel Level 10 Restricted Files; these can be obtained through buying the largest pack Mobile Strike offers or through the Black Market for a limited time remaining for 20m black market credits.blackmarket10files

Please note that buying the largest pack will likely include the Bounty Hunter Gear set, so if you are looking to kill these new rebels it makes sense to buy a pack so you can obtain the files and gear simultaneously.


The actual rewards from individual attacks are small, but the main prize from these rebels comes from the Marauder Level 10 Alliance Gift or Devastator-5x. Opening this alliance gift gives you a Marauder Boost Mystery crate and Rebel Target Boost Mystery Crate offering elite boosts which could be 25k% boosts to troop attack, defence or health.


Additional Information

Please remember that all other existing rebel target boosts can be utilised to help defeat these powerful rebel targets. hardtoill10_ink_liThis includes insignias, the rebel target attack boost, and the commander Rebel Target skill points. These level 10 rebel targets are incredibly difficult to kill and require massive amounts of energy (which costs massive amounts of gold) so they are not recommended for smaller players.

If you decide to take on one of these behemoths, it is wise to start off with single energy hits until you have maxed out your rebel target bonus streak. This will build up your commander attack bonus for subsequent hits. Once at your maximum streak level (depending on your rebel commander skill points), you can then use maximum, full energy attacks until the rebel is dead. Doing this will save you a lot of energy and maximize the return on the energy you do expend. If you don’t build up your streak, expect results like above.







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