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This is the full list of standard and relic materials found on Mobile Strike Guide. Each material has details of where it is found, which monsters and chests they come from and the event it is related to. Clicking on a material also shows which gear it is used to build. For a guide to finding materials see here

Standard Materials

Relic Materials

  • Pavel Špaček

    Where can I find Nickel?

  • ali veli

    Where can I find Ceramic?

  • Gunga3

    Where can you find nylon fiber?

  • Anthony Gunman

    Is there another way to get them research files except for challenges or buying them?

  • Mike

    Where is the best place to get Kevlar?

    • Hi, Kevlar is a standard material so can be found in all the usual places.

  • blackestraven

    Fix your link for the guide, please!

  • Please help, need to know where I can find certain material to manufacture equipment. For Mobile Strike. Thanks.

    • Hi, what materials are you looking for?

  • alphaomega

    hey slaggy. do you know where or what chest to get the crimson fireball in. It Is in the colossus set for building equipment in the forge but I do not know what chest to open??????