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Memorial Day Buildings & Atomic Speedup Factory

Memorial Day Buildings


Memorial Day Buildings commemorate Memorial Day 2017. While there are no new buildings, the term applies to the level 30 versions of of the Biotech Lab, Arsenal, Combat Lab, Graveyard, and Covert Ops Center. Although it is not a part of the Memorial Day Buildings, the new Atomic Speedup Factory is also here. Listed below are the necessary upgrade items, as well as the building boost provided by a level 30 upgrade.


Biotech Lab

Upgrade Item: Biotech Lab Burner Kit

Boosts: +1,500,000,000% Army Attack Bonus, +10,000% Army Defense, +10,000% Army Health (These are added to the final serum boost after it is created)



Upgrade Item: Arsenal Assembly Bot

Boosts: +366,666,666% Troop Attack for All Bullets, +366,666,666% Troop Health for All Bullets, +6,050,000,000% Rally/CP Troop Health for Flat Point, +25,125,000% Rally/CP Trap Health for Silver Tip, +25,125,000% Troop Accuracy for Incendiary

Combat Lab


Upgrade Item: Uranium Power Cell

Boosts: Gear Power Up Level 25, +1,505,000,000% Troop Attack to a full Set (7) of 25 Power Gear, +975,800% Rally/CP Health to a full Set (7) of 25 Power Gear, +487,900% Rally/CP Defense to a full Set (7) of 25 Power Gear



Upgrade Item: Esteemed Medals

Boosts: +4,000,000,000 Base Rally Combat Shielding, +400,000% Rally/CP Army Health, +250,000% Army Attack, +150,000% Type Defense, +15,000% Type Armor Piercing


Covert Ops Center

Upgrade Item: Covert Classified Assignment

Boosts: +150,000% Troop Defense, +10,000% Troop Attack, +10,000% Health





Atomic Speedup Factory

The Atomic Speedup Factory levels span from 16 to 21. These improve upon the return of a 1 day investment, as well as the break down capabilities of the factory. While the 1d return increases from one 10,000 day speedup (L16) to one 20,000,000 day speedup (L21) at no extra cost, all other investments remain the same. In addition, the sizes that larger speedups can be broken down into now has a wider range of options: 100 (L15), 1,000 (L17), 5,000 (L18), 10,000 (L19), 50,000 (L19), 100,000 (L19), 1,000,000 (L19). Atomic Speedup Factory levels require Atomic Clocks and Golden Stopwatches to upgrade.

I would like to end with a thank you to all who have and are currently serving. Few are willing to fight and die for others, and those who do go without enough recognition.

“Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude. America will never forget their sacrifices.” – President Harry S. Truman

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