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Annihilation, Mobilization, and Mighty Insignias


New Insignias

Annihilation, Mobilization, and Mighty Insignias give boosts to all kinds of stats, with a huge amount of Troop Attack being common among all three. All three insignias come in Divine, Exalted, and Supreme. The Divine versions are 10 times as powerful as Exalted and 100 times more powerful than Supreme.

*Bonus* When it was released, a Supreme Mobilization Insignia was given in Global Gifts that had a typo.

Annihilation Insignias

Annihilation Insignias are best when used in attacks, as they only offer Attack and AP boosts.


  • 2.5T% Overpowered Attack, 50M% Corrosive Attack
  • 5T% Troop Attack, 1.67T% Rally/CP Attack
  • 67M% Troop Armor Piercing


  • 250B% Overpowered Attack, 5M% Corrosive Attack
  • 500B% Troop Attack, 1.67B% Rally/CP Attack
  • 6.7M% Troop Armor Piercing


  • 25B% Overpowered Attack, 500K% Corrosive Attack
  • 50B% Troop Attack, 16.67B% Rally/CP Attack
  • 670K% Troop Armor Piercing

Mobilization Insignias

This Insignia was made with the Control Point in mind, and besides the Troop Attack and Troop AP is fairly useless elsewhere.


  • 50T% Rally/CP Health, 25T% Rally/CP Mobile Trap Health
  • 5T% Troop Attack, 3.33T% Rally/CP Attack
  • 33M% Troop Armor Piercing


  • 5T% Rally/CP Health, 2.5T% Rally/CP Mobile Trap Health
  • 500B% Troop Attack, 333B% Rally/CP Attack
  • 3.3M% Troop Armor Piercing


  • 500B% Rally/CP Health, 250B% Rally/CP Mobile Trap Health
  • 50B% Troop Attack, 3.33B% Rally/CP Attack
  • 330K% Troop Armor Piercing

Mighty Insignias

Mighty Insignias are designed to help shore up defense, whether it be on the base or out in combat.

  • 208M% Indestructible Defense, 189M% Troop Defense
  • 5T% Troop Attack
  • 100T% Outpost Troop Health


  • 20.8M% Indestructible Defense, 18.9M% Troop Defense
  • 500B% Troop Attack
  • 10T% Outpost Troop Health


  • 2.08M% Indestructible Defense, 1.89M% Troop Defense
  • 50B% Troop Attack
  • 1T% Outpost Troop Health

Check out the Insignia Guide for… well… Insignias!

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