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Mobile Ops – Tank Commander 101

Mobile Strike Ops


Mobile Operations, or Mobile Ops, are special missions to attack and cripple rebel forces. These missions are necessary, as salvage from the wreckage of fallen foes can be recovered to aid your cause. A Tank Commander must tread carefully; as the strength of the enemies increases as you advance.



First of all, Mobile Ops revolves around the Tank Zone. This dangerous combat zone is home to powerful rebel combatants, increasing in difficulty with with each level. Fortunately, each advancement in level, a greater payout is awarded for completing the mission. Unfortunately, once level 3 is complete, all subsequent levels require their respective Clearance Cards to enter, which are obtained solely in gold sales.

The Tank Zone


The goal of every operation is to locate the boss target, eliminate it, and proceed to the evac zone. This is accomplished by maneuvering with the large arrow buttons on the ground. Each advance consumes one move (top left), and every move takes the tank to a different sector. Moves slowly replenish for free or can be instantly refilled with moves items; both only possible when not in a level.

When navigating to the objective, a number of rebel targets will be encountered; they need to be dispatched before the tank can continue through their sector. The game is turn based, and through research you are able to increase the chance of firing first or getting off two shots in one turn. When you have not yet fired, a munitions option will appear; this will fire the auxiliary weapon. While normal shots are free, munitions shots consume ammo. The tank cannot move until either you or the enemy are defeated.


There are a number of utilities to take note of in the Tank Zone. The “remaining” and Radar Map (top right) display how many crates and enemies remain in the level, and when previously encountered, where they were on the map. It is important to note that each enemy counts for one crate in the “remaining” display. The health and munitions bars (bottom) reset at the beginning of every operation. Munitions and Repair Kit items, found in the tabs just above them to the left, will replenish their respective bars when used. The final button to familiarize with is the Item Storage, right of the health bar. This contains loot gathered during the raid. The item storage capacity can be increased through research.

Research and Stat Shop


Mobile Ops adds a wide variety of fancy new research nodes, and all require Mobile Ops Restricted Files. These nodes range from things like extra tank HP, to increasing maximum moves, and even upgraded munitions such as airstrikes. The most notable of these, however, are the Stat Shop Nodes. Each node has 10 levels of research, and each research level equates to one “rank” in the Stat Shop. The Stat Shop then further divides each rank into 10 different upgrades, which can then be further upgraded with Mobile Ops Credits. Every upgrade costs an increased amount Mobile Ops Credits, a valuable currency that is acquired in the Tank Zone.

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