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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – 16th February

Mobile-strike WU

Week 10th Feb to 16th Feb 2016

14th February 2016– Judgement Set Gear Released

A new set of permanent gear has been released, and it focuses primarily on infantry attack. The “set gear” terminology carries over from Game of War but there is no apparent bonus for completing the set. It can be found in the armory.

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15th February – Mobile Strike Global Leaderboards Announced

Global leaderboards encompassing every player in every state in Mobile Strike have been announced. This is the first unique feature introduced in Mobile Strike but not Game of War. It will be interesting to see how they develop over time.


16th February – Gun Runner Rebel Target Released

A new rebel target called the Gun Runner has been released, along with corresponding permanent gear. The new materials can be found in the specially marked sales, by attacking the rebel target, or gathering from the resource tile they leave behind once defeated.

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16th February – Jack-o’-Rippers Released Again

The Jack-o’-Ripper rebel target is making another appearance. The same permanent gear is still available to craft as when first released, but the materials can be obtained again from attacking them, gathering from the resource tile they leave behind once defeated, and through specially marked sales.

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If you have something you think we should include in the next weekly update, please document/screenshot it and send it along to lubears@insidegameofwar.com


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