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Mobile Strike Weekly Update- April 26th

Mobile-strike WU

April 19th – April 26th



April 26th – Operation Band Together Update

Mobile Strike players have now compiled over 305 million points in Operation Band Together. When Mobile Strike players collectively reach 400 million points, a Mobile Strike universe-wide 15% Research Boost will be activated for a limited time.



April 25th – Control Point Chaos Results

The first-ever Control Point Chaos has come to an end. The results can be seen below. A special mod, called the Doomsday Mod can be found in a special Shooting Gallery for those alliances that successfully held a Control Point until the close of the event.

19 20 21 22


April 25th – New Supreme Commander – Ademirta

A new Supreme Commander has emerged after the close of this past long weekend’s Global Control Point. Ademirta, from the alliance (-IH-) Immortal Hitmen after controlling the Global Control Point for 26 hours, 0 minutes, and 15 seconds. Wideamaina from the alliance Alpha Elite came in second place after controlling the Global Control Point for 13 hours, 15 minutes, and 18 seconds. Congratulations to these players and their alliances!

17 18



April 26th – State Vs. State Kill Event Announced

A State vs. State Kill Event has been announced for this Saturday, April 30th between 5 PM-6 PM PST/May 1st 0:00-1:00 UTC.



April 26th – Rebel Target – Colossus Cannon

The Colossus Cannon is still spawning. This is the first rebel target to potentially drop Prototype Gear when attacked, when gathering from the Colossus Cannon Ruins it leaves behind once defeated, or in Colossus Cannon Crates that can be found in specially-marked gold packs.

14 122 123

April 21st – Control Point Chaos Coming

A new event style has been announced, called Control Point Chaos, where all control points in every state will open simultaneously. Alliances that hold Control Points will be recognized game-wide, and will be awarded as of yet unannounced prizes.

1 2

April 21st/26th – Golden Week Announced

An apparently new, annual week of greatly increased prizes will run for the next week. New chat avatars were announced simultaneously.


April 21st – Global Control Point Announced

The Global Control Point was opened on the 21st/22nd UTC. It closed on the 24th/25th UTC.


April 19th/20th

VIP Prestige 2 has been released, and can be unlocked after unlocking VIP Prestige levels 1-10. It boasts the ability to open 500 chests instantly, as well as added combat and resource production boosts, and instant construction speed up times.


April 20th – Golden and Silver Ticket Competition Announced

Golden Tickets and Silver Tickets have been released for a limited time. They contain a variety of prizes, and the three states that open the most of them by the end of April will received a Care Package containing 5000 gold.




If something particularly noteworthy happened this week in your state, please take screenshots and send an email describing it to lubears@insidegameofwar.com.

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