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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – May 17th

Mobile-strike WU

Week of May 10th – May 17th

May 17th – Manufacturing Research Reward Crates

EW have decided to reward special reward crates for completing parts of the manufacturing tree. The reward crates will be rewarded retroactively to anyone that has already completed the necessary parts of the Manufacturing Research Tree.


May 17th – Race to T4 (and now T3)

The rewards for unlocking T4 have returned, as well as a reward for unlocking T3.


May 17th – Race to Level 50

Those that are able to reach Commander level 50 by Friday, May 20th at 12 p.m. PDT/ 19:00 UTC will be rewarded with 25,000 gold and a random piece of legendary gear from one of the three best permanent gear sets: Headhunter, Judgement, or Rocketeer. Anyone who has not attained commander level 50 before Monday May 16th at 5 p.m. PDT/ Tuesday May 17th at 0:00 UTC is eligible for the rewards.


May 17th – Harbinger Prototype Set

A new Prototype set has been released, called the Harbinger set. It is approximately 25% more effective than existing prototype gear sets, so this is likely to help prototypes still compete against cores, for those that have not completed the Manufacturing Research Tree.


May 17th – Rebel Target – Egg Layer

One of the newer rebel targets called the Egg Layer has spawned again. The materials for the corresponding permanent gear can be obtained through crates in specially marked gold packs, by attacking Egg Layer rebel targets, or gathering from the Egg Layer Munitions Crate tile they leave behind once defeated.


May 17th – Rebel Target – Jack-o’-Ripper

The Jack-o’-Ripper rebel target is making another appearance. The same permanent gear is still available to craft as when first released, but the materials can be obtained again from attacking them, gathering from the resource tile they leave behind once defeated, and through specially marked sales.


May 17th – Global Control Point Announced

The Global Control Point will be returning soon. Time to be determined.

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