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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – November 1st


Week of October 25th – November 1st

Since I am a couple of days late getting this week’s update posted (week-long conference, spotty computer time), I will add things posted to the blog on November 2nd since they are available already.

November 2nd – Combat Lab Race to Lv.20 Challenge

The Race to Lv.20 Combat Lab will be ongoing until 5 p.m PDT November 3rd / 00:00 UTC November 4th. Permanent gear can be upgraded to lv.10 at this level, and cores can be boosted to lv.5 at this level. For example, this adds a whopping 1400% Infantry Attack to the Supreme Destruction set gear.


November 2nd – Anniversary Race to Building Development Research

There are prizes up for grabs for completing the Building Development research tree until 5 p.m PDT November 3rd / 00:00 UTC November 4th. Anyone that’s already completed the tree will have a separate challenge instead. If you complete the tree you’ll also receive the Ultimate Annihilation Prototype gear set as a reward – good for 3600% Tactical Attack.


November 2nd – Mobile Strike One Year Anniversary Announced

This month will mark the one year anniversary of Mobile Strike. Along with unique sales and challenges, this month with feature two large State-vs.-State Kill Challenges, so check the blog for dates and times.


November 1st – Tournament of Champions Round Two Results

Congrats to the next five states that finished first in the second round of the Tournament of Champions. The next round will occur this Saturday, November 5th, so if your state has not qualified, be on the lookout for the exact times and get your gear and troops ready to go.


November 1st – Control Point Chaos Winners

Congrats to the victors of this iteration of Control Point Chaos. See the full list below.

4 5 6 7 8

If anything unique or interesting happened in your state this week, document it and screenshot it and send it through to lubears@insidegameofwar.com and I’ll get it into next week’s update.

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