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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – November 8th


Week of November 1st – November 8th

November 8th – Race to Combat Lab Level 20

I think their title was a typo.. anyway, EW is pushing the Combat Lab really hard, with an associated Challenge and prizes. Like all the money buildings, it needs some number of widgets to upgrade it. In this case, the widget is the Power Cell. Upgrading the Combat Lab will boost your gear quite considerably, and the higher the level of the lab, the fewer Spare Parts and Key Components needed to upgrade gear.


November 8th – New Insignia – Technician’s Insignia

A new Insignia is available that boosts research speed for a period of time. At level 6, the boost is 40%, so it’s rather substantial by any measurement. Once activated, it lasts for an hour and has the same amount of cool down time. So you can use it really as often as you’d like, which is a big plus if one is making a big research push.


November 7th – New Insignia and Rebel Target Levels

A new Insignia that adds 50,000 Max Commander Energy has been released to help with the upcoming level 8 Rebel Targets. Once used, this Insignia lasts an hour.

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