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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – October 25th


Week of October 18th – October 25th

October 25th – New Research – Building Development Tree

The theme of inflation isn’t going away, apparently. Game of War: Fire Age is up to VIP Prestige 25 and 8 million troops in a rally, and Mobile Strike appears to be headed the same direction. The benefits of this particular research tree are pretty remarkable, to be sure.

One can unlock a second insignia slot that can be used simultaneously as the original slot, add 500% Troop Attack, 300% Troop Defense, and 300% Troop Health, increase the Death Row bonuses to 250% Troop Attack and 150% each of Troop Defense/Troop Health, introduce a higher multiplier for having captured multiple enemy commanders, and more.


October 25th – New Insignia – Troop Health

A new insignia has been released that will boost Troop Health by 100%. It also features a cool-down time of only an hour, so it can be used effectively indefinitely.


October 24th – Halloween Team Challenge

A competition between three user-determined teams will be running for the next few days. Players must first buy a special gold pack to choose a team: Vampires, Wolves, or Zombies.

Once a team is chosen, team-specific Ammo must be used in special shooting galleries to earn points for your team. Vampires will use Silver Bullet Ammo, werewolves will use Axes Ammo, and Zombies will use Stakes Ammo.

You should be able to guess which type of ammo effects which team, but if you can’t, according to folklore and popular culture the ammo types are based on the supposed weakness of these fictional monsters. Vampires are vulnerable to wooden stakes to the heart, werewolves are vulnerable to silver bullets, and zombies are vulnerable to a good old fashioned axe to the head.

The team that defeats the most rivals in the shooting gallery will be crowned the winner and receive:

  • A Halloween Gold Mystery Crate, Halloween Speedup Mystery Crate, Halloween VIP Mystery Chest, Halloween Commander Mystery Crate
  • One of each Halloween mod (Level 6) – Fear Mod, Sinister Mod, Tombstone Mod, and Venom Mod
  • 500,000 gold
  • 1 billion of each resource

As of the writing of this post, Team Zombie is in the lead.

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If something particularly noteworthy happened this week in your state, please take screenshots and send an email describing it to lubears@insidegameofwar.com and I will try to get it into next week’s update.

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