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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – September 20th


Week of September 13th – September 20th

September 20th – New Drill Insignia

A new, reusable drill insignia is now available. This drill insignia boosts your Troop Training Speed, and can be reused after a cooldown time, the length of which is determined by the level of the Drill Insignia.


September 20th – Gold Hunt Event

A new event based on gathering gold from Alliance Tiles has been introduced. Players can choose from five teams: Bear, Lion, Shark, Tiger, or Wolf. The top three teams that collect the most gold will be rewarded with usually valuable prizes.

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September 18th – VIP Prestige 7 Released

VIP Prestige 7 has now been released. Among other things, it offers the ability to Open All crates of the same type at once, and Use All of a chosen resource type at once.


September 14th – Level 7 Rebel Targets Released, Race to Level 7 Monsters

Level 7 Rebel Targets have now been released. They are significantly harder to defeat but drop far better prizes/items for doing so. These prizes/items can include cores, attachments, materials, Research Files, Commendations, Legendary Hammers, Legendary Resource Hammers, and Rebel Collectibles, which are only available by defeating Rebel Targets. As an incentive to research Level 7 Rebel Targets, 250,000 gold and a set of Blackwing gear are being offered as prizes concurrently.

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September 14th – Rebel Rumble

A special Rebel Target-defeating event has been announced. Players can attack and defeat Level 5, Level 6, and Level 7 Rebel Targets and gather from their tiles to obtain Level 1 Rebel Rumble Collectibles. The 10 states with the most Rebel Rumble Collectibles with be rewarded 100,000 gold, one accessory from the Predator gear set, and the Reaper core set. All states that finish in the top 50% will be rewarded 500 days of speed ups, as an added incentive to participate. The event is now over, unfortunately.


September 14th – Desert Commando Gear Set

A gear set called the Desert Commander gear set has been released that is designed for attacking Rebel Targets,


September 13th – New Supreme Commander – (H86) Gen WTF Ax

A new Supreme Commander has been promoted, named Gen WTD Ax of (H86) H86 Help Alliance. He held the Global Control Point for an impressive 14 hours, 24 minutes, and 42 seconds, so congratulations to him.

The runner up and third place finishers were Black Hole8 of the alliance Global Team 42, and Mike the Red of the alliance Power of ORST. They held the Global Control Point for 5 hours, 23 minutes, 37 seconds, and 4 hours, 30 minutes, 29 seconds respectively.


September 13th – Elite Bonus Club

A new iteration of the Daily Bonus Club has been launched, called the Elite Bonus Club. It has even greater membership rewards.


If something particularly noteworthy happened this week in your state, please take screenshots and send an email describing it to lubears@insidegameofwar.com and I will try to get it into next week’s update.



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