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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – September 27th


September 27th – New Building – Troop Academy

A new building that allows you to upgrade your troop tiers and troop types. One needs Golden Badges to unlock and upgrade the building, which naturally can only be bought in gold packs.


September 27th – King of the Hill Kill Challenge

A four-way State-vs.-State Kill Challenge will begin at 5:00 PM PDT October 1st / 00:00 UDT October 2nd. This event will consist of multiple short kill challenges, where the top two states move on to the next round. The two states that are eliminated in each round will continue fighting, but just for fun. To help prepare for this kill challenge, a 200% Troop Queue boost is being offered.


September 27th/26th – Dreaded Dismantle/Dreaded Blackout

Hook your commander up with the Dreaded Dismantle and the Dreaded Blackout for boosts in Tactical Attack/Defense, as well as some solid overall combat boosts (Troop Attack/Troop Defense/Troop Health). These two pieces of gear are part of the Dreaded Fear Monger set gear, so be on the lookout for chests in sales/events.


September 26th – New Building – Combat Lab

Another new building has been released that allows you to upgrade your various gear/prototype gear/cores. To unlock it, you need to buy a Combat Lab Blueprint, after which you can upgrade the building by purchasing Power Cells in gold packs or by earning them through events. Your gear can be upgraded using Spare Parts and Key Components, and once the Combat Lab is at level 10, old gear can be disassembled to obtain Spare Parts and Key Components. If the effects in game are anything like they have been in Game of War with the corresponding building, expect rally leaders to hit considerably harder once people start getting into the higher levels of the Combat Lab.


September 24th – New Commander Levels

New commander levels are now live. Level 56 and above are now obtainable, but they require Commendations in addition to experience points. Unlocked skills will include Death Row Attack, Defense, and Health boosts, increased Upkeep Efficiency, Troop Attack, Troop Health, and Troop Defense skills, a Base Set Bonus skill, and increased resource production skills. As with any increase in commander level, more skill points and rebel target skill points will be awarded.

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September 24th – Rebel Target – Black Adder

The Black Adder has started spawning again. The mods and materials to craft the corresponding permanent gear can be obtained by attacking it, gathering from the Black Adder Debris it leaves behind once defeated, or in specially marked gold packs.


September 23rd – New Helmet – Hardened Double Take Mask

The new Hardened Double Take Mask is twice as strong as the original Double Take Mask. It complements the rest of the Double Take gear set and will benefit from its set bonus as well.


September 20th – Rebel Target – Sparrow

A rebel target called the Sparrow has started spawning again. A variety of well-rounded permanent gear has been released to accompany it. The materials for the corresponding permanent gear can be obtained through Sparrow crates in specially marked gold packs, by attacking Sparrow rebel targets, or by gathering from the Sparrow Debris it leaves behind when defeated.



If something particularly noteworthy happened this week in your state, please take screenshots and send an email describing it to lubears@insidegameofwar.com and I will try to get it into next week’s update.



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