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Mobile Struck (or Why We Stay)

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Why we Play Stay

Have you noticed that Mobile Strike is one of the top ten highest grossing mobile games? Why?? Is it because of the immersive graphic experience? The intuitive combat engine? The income agnosticism that allows any and all to become high power players? Or perhaps the developer’s excellent customer service? Meh… Probably not any of those, right? It may be the gaming that starts us playing, but I’m convinced it’s each other that gets us to stay.

Anybody ever ask you (with that look on their face like they just licked a lemon wedge) why you spend so much time on Mobile Strike? If you’ve played for any more than a month or two there’s no doubt the question has come up. When you start telling them that it’s this really cool game where you can fight and build your own base and gather resources… And they interrupt with “Oh, like Clash of Clans” or some equally inane comment…. No!!! As you start explaining the structure and the intricacies of the game you notice their attention has shifted back to their phone. And you think “they just don’t get it”!

…culture and Mobile Strike in the same sentence?

Sound familiar? So why is it so hard to get across why you’ve become so engaged in this game? I think it’s because it’s more than a game. It’s a game wrapped by social interaction where people from across the world fight, argue, share, laugh, stomp their feet with crossed arms like toddlers and even cry when someone dies in real life (IRL). It’s the people, not the game that keeps us going back. Even you silent lurkers gotta admit that Alliance Chat grabs your attention as you watch the ups and downs of your team, or maybe you like the incessant prattling, insulting, or bear poking that goes on in the soap opera called State Chat.

I guarantee you that the game developers never imagined the depth and breadth of culture that would evolve in Mobile Strike. So many things have come to be that have no structural components within the game itself. Things such as espionage, loyalty, help alliances, resource marketplaces, vigils, or the cultural exchange arising from the international aspect of the game. Not to mention the activity that spills outside the game that players use to collaborate, connect and grow. Things like MobileStrikeGuide.com or the Line app that so many have adopted to alert us when not online and collaborate more richly than the game chat or messaging allow for.

…the mashup of our lives in MS and IRL…

Culture? Did I use culture and Mobile Strike in the same sentence? You bet. MS has a vibrant social aspect where friendships, rivalries and even romances occur. Players exchange thoughts, hopes, dreams, art, music, film, internet media and most every other part of culture we share with others “in the real world”. Government, commerce, justice systems are developed, fail, improved and evolve. This is the stuff! This is why we stay! Sure we like the fighting and building, but it’s the people, what they’re building together and their shared time together that keeps us here.

One of the first times I ever noticed there was a culture evolving was in the early days of Game of War. An alliance message was posted about the tragic death of a young, well-liked player with a name like Epic. State Chat was abuzz with the news. The message went on to explain that people were honoring him by changing their names to start with “Epic”. Like wildfire spreading across the state, base names were changed to things like “Epic Bossman” or “Epic FearMonger73”. You couldn’t go anywhere in the state without seeing Epic. At the time I didn’t get it and thought it a bit strange, but I also thought it nerdy cool. The culture of MS had just lapped over my toe. Little did I know that later I’d be taking the plunge and swimming in that culture wholeheartedly. I’d been Mobile Struck.


And you know…

…even a couple years later I came across Epic bases and thought of that young guy that I never met. I’d been touched. That’s what culture does.

Join me here in Mobile Struck as I regularly explore the mashup of our lives in MS and IRL. Next time I’ll be taking a look at State Unity. Shoot me an email (Murdock.Murphy@gmail.com) and tell me how things run in your State. Is your state organized to be competitive in SvS, or is it a disorganized mess made up of warring tribes? Organized just for the kill events or are you also pulling together to win the daily SvS challenges? How are statewide decisions made? Are nonaggression pacts in place to facilitate state victory? Do you have formal or informal law enforcement? Please also send your stories around state unity. Include funny, tragic or enraging stories of your state’s failures and successes.

See you soon!

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Murdock has been playing GOW and MS since their inception. During the day he’s a school nurse, at night he puts his nerd glasses on and juggles parenting, gaming and writing. When he’s not too busy chasing after those dropped balls you might catch him pining for a left-handed point break. Keep a watch out for his upcoming book where he shows how even a zombie can drag his sorry ass into a better life in his story of midlife career change from techie to stethoscope toter.

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  • savenohoe

    Article is dead on. From GoW now to MS me and the squad keep going mainly just cause we like fucking around with each other…

    It’s funny you mention the player death thing. We’ve had 2 so far in our mobile stike kingdom and we participate like port next to him and stay for a few hours. I remember the first time it happened in GoW i was like, damn even the shitheads of state are participating.. never put the world culture to it, but its a good word for the reason people stay.

  • Pawel

    What is a difference between Vip prestige 1 and 2 ? Could You compare each lvl ? Thx

    • Hi, will get the details up on this shortly

  • Justin

    Awesome article!