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Mobile Traps and Mercenary Traps

Deployable Traps


Mobile Traps are an augmentation of normal Traps, capable of joining troops in offensive battle. While Mobile Traps are normal Traps, they are now movable. Instead of being limited to a wall, there is now the option to send Traps out to help fortify the front line. These Traps function the exact same way in a deployment as they would on the wall of a base. Traps use a max deployment count separate from that of troops, and this rises with Mobile Traps Research. Because these are normal Traps, they take up the same amount of wall space. However, consideration should go into every Trap deployment. Deployed Traps are about as useful to base as the troops they are with. Traps can be deployed to any of the following: Empty land, Rebel Bases, CP, Enemy Bases, and all Resource Tiles.

In order to make use of Mobile Traps, an Unlock Mobile Trap Deployment Token is required, found in specially marked sales.

Mercenary Traps


Mercenary Traps are a collection of 16 new traps, ranging from Tier 0 – 5.

  • Tier 0: Barricade
  • Tier 1: Persuader, Nuclear Mine, Blockade
  • Tier 2: Auto Turret, Tank Turret, Missile Battery
  • Tier 3: Heavy Mortar, Remote Sniper, S.A.M Turret
  • Tier 4: Smart Bomb, Heavy Howitzer, Gunship Drone
  • Tier 5: Plasma Pylon, Sentry Turret, Plasma Beam

Mobile Traps Research


The Mobile Traps Research tree contains Mercenary Traps, Mobile Traps unlock, and various boosts for combat and Traps. The new research introduces new types of boosts: Army (Affects both Troops and Traps) and Mobile Traps (Affects Traps when deployed.) This research grants the following boosts upon completion:

Total Combat Benefits: 225,000% Attack, 11,000% Defense, 9,000% Health, 1,000,000% Control Point/Rally Health, 700,000% Control Point/Rally Defense, 300,000% Trap Control Point/Rally Attack, 1000% Armor Piercing, 4000% Accuracy

Total Trap Benefits: 1200% Trap Attack, 400,000% Trap Control Point/Rally Health, 300,000% Trap Control Point/Rally Attack, 200,000% Trap Control Point/Rally Defense

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