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Mod Sets – A Beginners’ Guide

Mod Sets and Bonuses – A Short Guide


Mods. Any player knows what they are- small, powerful items that are installed onto equipment to heavily advance it. These tiny modifications provide a major boost on their own, but are limited to 4 slots per gear piece. Once the tool is full, the gear has seemingly reached its full potential and nothing more can be done. However, this is no longer the case. Mod Sets are the way of the future, and one of the best paths to secure tremendous commander boosts.

Mod Sets are quite straightforward. Complete the requisite research, collect the required mods for the set, and install them. Every mod that is part of a set is labeled in its description, in parentheses.


Making a Set

Before assembling a Mod Set, the proper research is needed. Each type of Mod Set has its own research, whether it be a research set or an attack set. While completing level 1 of a set research will unlock the Mod Set type, the second level of the research will unlock the 200% bonus modifier for that set. After the research is done, all that is lacking is the mods. A full set takes one of each mod in the set (in no particular order) including the special mod. If special mods are not yet available, the research can be completed in the Manufacturing research tab, and the mods themselves can be purchased in sales. If all is done right, the set will glow as shown below.


Mod Sets are excellent in empowering commander gear. With Mod Sets, commander items and equipment will be more powerful than before. Mix and match sets on different parts of gear, and combine Mod Sets with Gear Sets to maximize commander boosts!

Boosts and Recipes

For all of the Mod Set recipes and their corresponding boosts, check out our Mod Set page here. And to compare Mod Sets check out the best Mod Sets page here.

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