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Guide to Mods in Mobile Strike

Mods Guide

Mobile Strike Mod Guide

Mobile Strike currently has around 20 Mods. It can be difficult to know which ones are the best and when best to use them. Getting hold of low-level mods is generally quite straightforward, but level 6 ones can be hard to come by. Furthermore, once you have put them into equipment, they can be hard to get back out again.  This guide is going to go over some general rules about how  best to use mods and how to determine which mods are the best.

Let’s start with some general rules:

Basic Rules of Mods:

Hunter Mod

  • Try to only use lvl 6 mods
  • Try to only put mods in lvl 6 gear
  • Combat mods go into combat gear, Economy mods go into Economy gear, etc

After this we will go into some specifics including

  • Which Mods are Best
  • Where to Find Mods
  • Exceptions and Additional Tips

Basic Rules of Using Mods

Arctic Mod

Use lvl. 6 Mods
It is very tempting to start filling your newly crafted gear with mods. Try to resist the temptation. You will grow very quickly in Mobile Strike, and whilst you might be eager to start making use of those mods sitting in your inventory, it is generally better to wait until you have legendary mods. Any mod used before lvl 6 will just require more resources to take it out again at a later date with a mod saver. That said, there are a few exceptions as we will see later.

Put Mods Only into lvl. 6 gear.
As we talked about in our guide to choosing gear, combat equipment should only really be built at legendary (lvl 6) level. It is important to remember that any gear below lvl 6 will almost certainly be replaced at some point which either means wasted gems, or lots of gold spent on mod savers.

Combat Mods go into Combat Gear
It is important to match mod boosts to the gear boosts. Imagine you have a coin boosting Body Armor with a combat mod in it and a combat Body Armor with a coin boosting mod in it. You can’t wear both at the same time. Hopefully you can see the dilemma. Have an all-out combat Body Armor for combat and all-out Economy Body Armor for economy boosts..

Mod Specifics

Doomsday Mod

Which Mods Are the Best?

Combat Mods:
This would be easy to answer if all boosts were created equal. They are not and it’s not easy to compare Tactical Attack to Tactical Defense for example. Fortunately for you though, we have already done the analysis which you can see in our guide to combat boosts. You will see that combat boosts can be divided into four tiers:

  • Tier 1 Boosts: Troop Attack, Enemy Attack Debuff
  • Tier 2 Boosts: Troop Health, Enemy Health Debuff
  • Tier 3 Boosts: Troop Defense, Enemy Defense Debuff
  • Tier 4 Boosts: Trap Boosts, Artillery Boosts

So use these guideline for choosing your mods.  A good solid recommendation for standard gems is to have 1 Health Gem, 1 Defense Gem, and 1 Armored Vehicle gem (or whichever troop type you prefer). At the moment, the Health Gem is generally the best standard mod. Feel free to swap the defense mod for a second troop attack mod though.

We have also done some of the hard for you by assembling a list of the best combat mods, already weighted by boost type. Check it out in the Best Combat Mods page here.
Farming and Commander Mods

At the moment, the Harvester Mod (and the Doomsday Mod) are the only mods of note from an Economy point of view but more will be released for sure over time. The Harvester mod increases gathering speed but bear in mind that you should rarely farm with your commander as it is not worth the risk of getting captured/executed.

Where to Find Mods

The good news is that you don’t have to spend money to get hold of standard mods. Acquiring them early on is slow going but things speed up dramatically as your alliance increases in power. The two best bits of advice are probably a) spend as much loyalty as possible on daily chances – they are the most cost effective way of getting modsand b) get yourself into as good as alliance as possible. The alliance you are in makes a huge difference based on a) the quantity and level of Rebel Targers they are killing (they higher the better!) and b) gift level. Once your alliance reaches around Gift Level 16 the quality and quantity of mods  really ramps up.  Other than that, Mods  come from essentially the same places as Materials. The standard mods are relatively easy to get a hold of, the seasonal mods less so and the rebel target mods can be very tricky to acquire. I would recommend reading the guide to finding materials for more info.

Exceptions and Additional Tips

As with all rules, there are always exceptions – here are some of them:

gem saverMod Savers

Simple gem savers can rescue a level 1-2 mod from a piece of equipment. They only cost 60,000 loyalty each. This makes it very easy to reuse low level mod and is a good reason to fill your equipment with level 1-2 gems whilst you are saving for your legendary mods. The boosts will be small at this level so consider it optional but it is worth bearing in mind. Saving  a level 3-4 gem is substantially more expensive at 2kg gold each and a level 5-6 gem costs 4k gold each.

Combining Mods

Don’t rush into combining all of your mods until you have enough for a level 6 mod. If at any point you decide you want to use them there is no way to ‘uncombine’ them.

Using Lvl.5 and lower Mods

Harvester Mod

As with most things in Mobile STrike there are no hard and fast rules. If you craft a premium lvl. 5 Equipment,  it’s hard to argue there is anything wrong with sticking lvl 6 mods in there. Similarly if you have managed to get hold of a rare lvl. 5 mod that you aren’t going to be able to upgrade anytime soon then better to put them to use than let them sit unused in your inventory. Same goes to those of you that don’t mind spending 2-4k gold on a gem saver. Rules are there to broken!

Epic War are adding new mods all the time which will continue to increase the range of options available to you. In general though, as long as you are putting mods with decent boosts into decent equipment (of a similar boost type) you can’t go too far wrong!

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