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Ultimate Prestigious Conqueror Scope Augment

You are viewing info about the Mobile Strike Mod: Ultimate Prestigious Conqueror Scope Augment

Where To Find: UltimateConquerorAugments
4th Mod Slot?: No

Level: 1
Advanced Tactical Attack: 2421000%
Mercenary Tactical Attack: 2421000%
Control Point Health Bonus: 3722900%
Mercenary Infantry Attack: 2421000%
Mobile Trap Health: 969900%
Army Attack: 2421000%
Mercenary Armored Vehicle Attack: 2421000%
Armored Vehicle Attack: 2421000%
Advanced Infantry Attack: 2421000%
Mercenary Troop Attack Bonus: 2421000%
Rally Health Bonus: 3722900%
Control Point Attack Bonus: 4034700%
Advanced Troop Attack Bonus: 2421000%
Tactical Attack: 2421000%
Infantry Attack: 2421000%
Troop Attack Bonus: 2421000%
Rally Attack Bonus: 4034700%
Outpost Troop Health Bonus: 1457300%
Advanced Armored Vehicle Attack: 2421000%
Level: 2
Advanced Tactical Attack: 4842000%
Mercenary Tactical Attack: 4842000%
Control Point Health Bonus: 7445800%
Mercenary Infantry Attack: 4842000%
Mobile Trap Health: 1939800%
Army Attack: 4842000%
Mercenary Armored Vehicle Attack: 4842000%
Armored Vehicle Attack: 4842000%
Advanced Infantry Attack: 4842000%
Mercenary Troop Attack Bonus: 4842000%
Rally Health Bonus: 7445800%
Control Point Attack Bonus: 8069400%
Advanced Troop Attack Bonus: 4842000%
Tactical Attack: 4842000%
Infantry Attack: 4842000%
Troop Attack Bonus: 4842000%
Rally Attack Bonus: 8069400%
Outpost Troop Health Bonus: 2914700%
Advanced Armored Vehicle Attack: 4842000%
Level: 3
Advanced Tactical Attack: 9684000%
Mercenary Tactical Attack: 9684000%
Control Point Health Bonus: 14891700%
Mercenary Infantry Attack: 9684000%
Mobile Trap Health: 3879700%
Army Attack: 9684000%
Mercenary Armored Vehicle Attack: 9684000%
Armored Vehicle Attack: 9684000%
Advanced Infantry Attack: 9684000%
Mercenary Troop Attack Bonus: 9684000%
Rally Health Bonus: 14891700%
Control Point Attack Bonus: 16138900%
Advanced Troop Attack Bonus: 9684000%
Tactical Attack: 9684000%
Infantry Attack: 9684000%
Troop Attack Bonus: 9684000%
Rally Attack Bonus: 16138900%
Outpost Troop Health Bonus: 5829400%
Advanced Armored Vehicle Attack: 9684000%
Level: 4
Advanced Tactical Attack: 19368100%
Mercenary Tactical Attack: 19368100%
Control Point Health Bonus: 29783500%
Mercenary Infantry Attack: 19368100%
Mobile Trap Health: 7759400%
Army Attack: 19368100%
Mercenary Armored Vehicle Attack: 19368100%
Armored Vehicle Attack: 19368100%
Advanced Infantry Attack: 19368100%
Mercenary Troop Attack Bonus: 19368100%
Rally Health Bonus: 29783500%
Control Point Attack Bonus: 32277900%
Advanced Troop Attack Bonus: 19368100%
Tactical Attack: 19368100%
Infantry Attack: 19368100%
Troop Attack Bonus: 19368100%
Rally Attack Bonus: 32277900%
Outpost Troop Health Bonus: 11658800%
Advanced Armored Vehicle Attack: 19368100%
Level: 5
Advanced Tactical Attack: 38736200%
Mercenary Tactical Attack: 38736200%
Control Point Health Bonus: 59567000%
Mercenary Infantry Attack: 38736200%
Mobile Trap Health: 15518900%
Army Attack: 38736200%
Mercenary Armored Vehicle Attack: 38736200%
Armored Vehicle Attack: 38736200%
Advanced Infantry Attack: 38736200%
Mercenary Troop Attack Bonus: 38736200%
Rally Health Bonus: 59567000%
Control Point Attack Bonus: 64555900%
Advanced Troop Attack Bonus: 38736200%
Tactical Attack: 38736200%
Infantry Attack: 38736200%
Troop Attack Bonus: 38736200%
Rally Attack Bonus: 64555900%
Outpost Troop Health Bonus: 23317700%
Advanced Armored Vehicle Attack: 38736200%
Level: 6
Advanced Tactical Attack: 77472400%
Mercenary Tactical Attack: 77472400%
Control Point Health Bonus: 119134100%
Mercenary Infantry Attack: 77472400%
Mobile Trap Health: 31037800%
Army Attack: 77472400%
Mercenary Armored Vehicle Attack: 77472400%
Armored Vehicle Attack: 77472400%
Advanced Infantry Attack: 77472400%
Mercenary Troop Attack Bonus: 77472400%
Rally Health Bonus: 119134100%
Control Point Attack Bonus: 129111800%
Advanced Troop Attack Bonus: 77472400%
Tactical Attack: 77472400%
Infantry Attack: 77472400%
Troop Attack Bonus: 77472400%
Rally Attack Bonus: 129111800%
Outpost Troop Health Bonus: 46635400%
Advanced Armored Vehicle Attack: 77472400%

  • Feanor22

    Hi, I really enjoy your mobile strike guide. I thought I’d list the mods that I know of which are NOT on this list. Some of these may be the same as older ones, just renamed. I don’t know. Some I know about (that other commenter’s haven’t already mentioned) are: Builder’s, Destruction, Foreman’s, Frost, Knowledge, Rebel Takedown, Strongman’s, Welder’s Apprentice. I’m sure most of these are new for the new features just released…thought it might be helpful when you get around to adding them. Thanks!

    • Thanks, should have these updated shortly

    • Updated!

  • Francois Pieterse

    What does wanderer’s mod do?

  • Lobo

    What does the new independence mod do?

    • Christopher Heath

      independence mod is 10% advanced combat research and 10% combat research

      • GP

        Is the independence mod used only as a 4th attachement? Or can it be used as a regular attachement? Thanks

        • Christopher Heath

          regular attachment

  • Brooks

    Where do i get these mods arctic mod’s?

  • Memo Oo

    Guardian mod is changed to infntary defense and troops defense bouns, no more infntary attack

  • rick lewis

    I have problem if I remove a mod with image on chip I can’t re install it wtf is up with that….? But got it to go back in one time took out and can’t get in again bull hate this game!!!

  • Steve Wester

    What does the mimic mod do exactly?

    • Hi, it lets you have more than one mod of the same type in an piece of equipment

  • M0rdresh

    Oh ok, didn’t realize it was that literal as stated. Cool, thanks. It’s actually quite powerful then, looking at opponent
    gear and estimate boosts is always a good tactic.

  • Bryan W

    This is a great start, but what does this mod do?

    • M0rdresh

      Great question, however no answer here

      • If you are referring to Doomsday Mod, it will hide your other Gear+Mods so that other players can’t see what your commander is using

  • Iain Bailey

    Hi I have a level 6 special doomsday mod how do I install it or what do I need to build to install mod as it does not show up when you go to insert mods

    • Hi, It is a special Mod that will go into the 4th Gem slot…

      • kim

        and how can it be into th 4th gem slot ??? i try to put it into one of my weapons but it do not show up ??? the 4th gem slot do i have to research to get this ??

    • rick lewis

      Same issues kind of, I have spring mod & energy mod doesn’t show up when o want to install…. yet I have installed before trying to move to a new item can’t now…..takin spring mod out once took a while got it back in took out a second time can’t get back in ?? Is there a time you have to wait to put back wtf

  • Anthony Gunman

    What’s the best mods to install for your rebel gear?

  • Jeremy Francis Beck

    Are fortification mods used to destroy traps, our they used to boost your traps killing power.

    • Hi, they are used to boost the attack of your own traps.