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New building- the Graveyard

The Graveyard

The graveyard is located outside the walls of your base, next to the memorial building.








The purpose of the graveyard is to grant additional combat boosts of up to (at level 20):

  • 250,000% army attack
  • 400,000% army rally and control point health
  • 1000% piercing for infantry, tactical and armored vehicle troops

As you upgrade the building, the combat boosts granted for army attack, rally and control point health, and armour piercing increases. Additionally, by killing or losing tier 5 troops, you will gain graveyard points where each lost or killed gives you 1 point. The more points you have, the higher your boosts will be. Statistics will be available on the website.

The building keeps a track of the number of tier 5 troops you kill in battle.








Unlocking the building

To unlock the graveyard you will require its respective blueprint which can be obtained from new sales.


Upgrading the building

To upgrade the graveyard you require heroic medals. These can be obtained from sales primarily; for a limited time you can obtain an extra 17,500 from the super rare challenge in game if you time your purchase while the challenge is still on. Additionally, Daily Bonus Club members received a small amount of medals for free, which was automatically sent to club members inboxes.

At 250 heroic medals, it is not a lot at all to be given for free by developers.




Upgrade the building to the highest possible level as soon as possible- use your construction gear and boosts as required. Also, since boosts increase as you gain more graveyard points, it could be beneficial to suicide your tier 5 troops. The more cost-effective alternative would be joining the rallies of a leader who has a high level graveyard, as then any troops you donate would receive the rally leaders’ boosts, so less would die, but, for the ones that do die, you would gain graveyard points.


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