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New Building Levels -Headquarters Level Raised to 26

Introducing Headquarters 23 to 26

The cap for the level of all buildings (inside and outside the wire/wall) has now been increased to level 26. This is a significant increase from the previous level cap of 22, which lasted for months. It is estimated that it will be at least three months before the cap is raised, but likely longer, as there are a significant amount of new base levels included in this one update. Most players are still trying to figure out what this update means for them, so hopefully this post helps clarify the impact of this new release.

How do you upgrade to HQ 23 and beyond?

First of all, to get in on the new action you will need a few things, including a ‘Headquarters 23 Blueprint’ which can only be obtained from sales of the largest pack Mobile Strike offers. You will also need trillions of resources (not including food) and over a million Legendary hammers. The picture below illustrates the requirements.hq23upgradereq

On launch day, the packs containing the aforementioned blueprint were available at a purchase price of £79.99. However, the day after the release a new pack was introduced offering it at a 20% discount, dropping the price to £63.99 as you can see.


What are the benefits of increasing the level of your buildings from 22?

There are numerous large benefits from upgrading to level 23 and up. From the blog post introducing this update key features include (all buildings at level 25):

  • 7 million solo deployment size (HQ)
  • Ability to see opponents research when scouting & 50% attack debuff on defense (Radar Station)
  • 35 million rallies with 75% additional rally attack bonuses (War Room)
  • 10% longer lasting core gear, and all crafting 400% speed boost (Armory)
  • 500% boosts to all troop attack, defense and health (Death Row)
  • 150% all troop attack boost per prisoner held (Prison)
  • Reinforcement capacity increased by 7 million and troop defense increased 50% (Embassy)
  • 40 extra commander skill points, and 25 extra rebel target skill points (Hall of Heroes)
  • 20% increase in all troop defense, 300% accuracy boost and 40,000 troop queue (Training Grounds)
  • 100% health boost and 200,000 capacity (Hospital)
  • 100% attack boost, 35% training speed increase and 300% armor piercing (Bank)
  • 10million resource help capacity& 250% faster trade deployment boost (Trading post)
  • 100% boost to trap attack and defense, 750,000 increase in trap capacity & 60% increase in trap training speed (Wall)
  • Research awareness ability unlocked & 70% research speed boost (Research Facility)
  • Protect up to 1.61billion of each resource in attacks (Warehouse)
  • Significantly increased resource production and capacity for all resource producers outside the wall (but you’ll need trillions to upgrade the other buildings so you’ll be unlikely to be below the resource production cap)

What are the rewards for upgrading now?

There is currently the ‘Race to Headquarters 23’ challenge offering tier 3 prizes for upgrading to HQ 23. There is also the ‘Super Rare Challenge’ which offers rewards for upgrading HQ 23(100 points), research facility level 23 (50 points), radar station level 23 (50 points), HQ 24 (100 points) with prizes for tier 1 at 100 points, tier 2 200 points and tier 3 300 points. These challenges are likely to end shortly.

Who is this update for, and what does it suggest about the state of the game?


From a screenshot of a state’s control point one can see this update will primarily favour the biggest spenders who are willing and able to max out their Headquarters. Developers reducing the price of the pack by 20% the next day, and maintaining this lower price suggests that they are trying to analyse how many players will buy the pack. Hopefully, pack prices will be reduced, as although upgrading to HQ 23 along with a few other buildings is attainable with one pack purchase, going any further requires much more spending. With ever higher combat boosts being unlocked by the biggest players, the damage dealt by rally and solo hits will continue to rise so it is highly recommended to shield when offline if you’re hittable.


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