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New Building – Monument

New Monument Building in Mobile Strike


Finally!! A reason to abuse your fingertips using up all those chances for Daily Missions, Alliance missions and VIP missions. By purchasing any in game sale pack you will unlock the Monument which sits next to your headquarters and just behind the vault. The monument uses special insignias that when activated gives your base special boosts that increase according to the level of insignia used. Currently the available insignias increase the chances of getting better quality missions when the Daily, Alliance and VIP missions are refreshed.


The Building

monument 1

Unlocking the monument is straight forward. Similar to the first level of the vault, making any purchase in the gold store will open up the monument for use. When making your purchase be mindful of which pack you buy since to actually make use of the monument you will need at least one insignia (described below). If the pack you buy does not contain an insignia you will have to buy another that does or hope that EW starts putting them in challenges as prizes.




The insignias themselves are very similar to mods, cores, items or collectables. They come in six different quality levels and if you have four of one level they can be combined to make one of the next higher level. Each insignia when used has a duration of only 15 minutes and leave the monument with a 24 hour cooldown period before another on can be used. So before you use one be ready to concentrate on the game and do your best to combine them for higher levels to get maximum effect. The bonus for each level is as follows:

  • Level 1 – all new missions have a 25% higher chance of being advanced
  • Level 2 – all new missions have a 50% higher chance of being advanced
  • Level 3 – all new missions have a 25% higher chance of being elite
  • Level 4 – all new missions have a 50% higher chance of being elite
  • Level 5 – all new missions have a 25% higher chance of being legendary
  • Level 6 – all new missions have a 50% higher chance of being legendary


The Conclusion


At first I was skeptical this would be of much use to me and had it unlocked for a couple days before trying it. I was lucky enough to have received a level 6 insignia in the pack I bought to unlock the monument and I now know what this building can really do. Depending on how fast your fingers are you will want at least 50-75 mission chances saved up (I used alliance missions to get the loyalty points as well) and be ready to start tapping when you activate your insignia. During the 15 minutes that my level 6 was active I collected 300 million stone, oil, iron and coin each and over 500 million food (THAT’S 1.7 BILLION TOTAL!!!). As an extra bonus I also racked up more than 90 million alliance points that I used on building up my stocks of teleports, skill resets and many others. Obviously the lower level insignias will not pay out as much as that but for 15 minutes of your time you will not only maximize the value of those mission chances collecting dust in your inventory but also collect essentially free resources that can be scarce when you need them most.

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