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New rural building boosts

Rural building boosts

You are now able to use rural building modifiers to gain rural building boosts. These boosts increase your overall army attack, control point health and rally health. The maximum boosts you can gain to each of these stats is 425,000%, with maximum boosts on all rural buildings. By increasing the boost level of all of your rural buildings, you can gain 14,000% increases in the stats mentioned. This means in practical terms raising all your rural buildings from boost level 1 to 2. The army boosts affect all types of troops- infantry, tactical and armoured.


Which buildings are rural?

Any buildings outside the wire/wall are considered rural. This means you have 25 rural building spaces, which can be increased by 3 through the use of excavators.


Where do you get rural building modifiers from?

You can get rural building modifiers from purchasing packs, as usual. So far, you cannot gain them from any regular power gaining challenge e.g. daily state challenge. Daily Bonus Club members received 5 million free modifiers on launch day, which was delivered straight to players with membership active.dbcfreeboosts

The process of boosting buildings

The process is the same as for regular building boosts. The only difference is the stat bonuses received from boosting. Therefore, when using rural building modifiers, each roll generates a random m% army attack, control point health and rally health benefit. You will also see a respective boost multiplier- the higher the better. The multiplier is likely to be higher for higher level buildings, which require xp to get to. From VIP level 123 and above, you can instantly raise buildings to the next level with a certain amount of rural building modifiers. The strategy when boosting your rural buildings would be to first set a desired boost level for your buildings, achieve this level and then re-roll till you get the highest boost % you think possible!


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