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Mega Merge KE and Omega States


Mega Merge KE According to the blog, the Mega Merge KE promises to be the “Greatest Kill Event in Mobile Strike History.” The Mega Merge includes all Battle Tested states, which are pinned head to head in groups of 6 or more. Out of those, only the winners of each group survive. At the end of the event, winning states earn ...

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2017 special- One Year Insignia’s


One Year Insignia Another ‘Pick Your Own’ crate has been released containing new insignia’s which are powerful enough to vanquish all of your enemies! The crate contains what the developers have called ‘One Year Insignia’s’. All of the insignia’s only have a one hour cool down. Why are they called One Year Insignia’s? I don’t really consider the developers choice ...

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Renew Daily Bonus Club membership on day 2

Daily rewards for renewing club membership

Renewing Daily Bonus Club membership It’s that time of the month again! Wait, maybe not the one you’re thinking of…ladies. This is the best time in the month to renew your Daily Bonus Club status, something that makes your day a lot better. The prizes for renewing are great. If you renewed on the 22nd (yesterday) you could receive day ...

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April Pick Your Own Crate unleashed


Pick Your Own Crate A new Pick Your Own Crate has been released by Mobile Strike developers recently. There are three possible items you can pick one from: Control Point Insignia II – 50,000% bonus troop attack and health during a rally and at the control point Fortify Master Insignia – 2,500% boost to troop defence and health Titanium Frame ...

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New building- the Graveyard


The Graveyard                 The purpose of the graveyard is to grant additional combat boosts of up to (at level 20): 250,000% army attack 400,000% army rally and control point health 1000% piercing for infantry, tactical and armored vehicle troops As you upgrade the building, the combat boosts granted for army attack, rally and ...

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New rural building boosts


Rural building boosts You are now able to use rural building modifiers to gain rural building boosts. These boosts increase your overall army attack, control point health and rally health. The maximum boosts you can gain to each of these stats is 425,000%, with maximum boosts on all rural buildings. By increasing the boost level of all of your rural buildings, you can ...

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The Biotech Lab and Serums


Biotech Lab The Biotech Lab is a specialized laboratory, used to concoct Serums that grant combat bonuses to troops. With the recent update to the Lab, the maximum building level increased from 20 to 25. At level 21, three new types of boosts are available: Serum Army Attack/Defense/Health. Serum Army Bonuses are added to every Serum, regardless of the boost ...

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Mobile Traps and Mercenary Traps


Deployable Traps Mobile Traps are an augmentation of normal Traps, capable of joining troops in offensive battle. While Mobile Traps are normal Traps, they are now movable. Instead of being limited to a wall, there is now the option to send Traps out to help fortify the front line. These Traps function the exact same way in a deployment as ...

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VIP level 140

Being able to use multiple speedups per click is the main selling point of this vip level

VIP level 140 Recently higher levels of VIP have been released, up to the new maximum of VIP level 140.                 As you can see, the biggest boosts will benefit bigger players who attack often- increased attack, and massively increased army health and defense at the control point. For traps and smaller players, ...

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