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New Building Levels -Headquarters Level Raised to 26


Introducing Headquarters 23 to 26 The cap for the level of all buildings (inside and outside the wire/wall) has now been increased to level 26. This is a significant increase from the previous level cap of 22, which lasted for months. It is estimated that it will be at least three months before the cap is raised, but likely longer, as ...

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Daily Bonus Club State Boosts- An Overview


Daily Bonus Club Demo For any player recently logging into the game, you would have definitely spotted some new state boosts. They are courtesy of the game developers and are not permanent, but rather a trial of the boosts Daily Bonus Club members receive while in the DBC state.                   A quick ...

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Introducing Daily Milestone Challenges


Daily Milestone Challenges The game developers recently introduced two new Daily Milestone Challenge events- one for you, and one for your alliance. We would highly recommend completing them because they do not take much time or cost a lot to complete, and they offer awesome rewards.   Individual Daily Milestone Challenge So far, developers have only shown three variations of the challenge: 1-  Shooting gallery ...

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Mobile Strike News – 2017 Champion Gear Sets


Champion Gear Sets The newly developed Champion Gear Sets are now available for assembly. These ultra sets of gear promise never before seen boosts, with the greatest reaching over 100,000% Troop Attack. While this does seem remarkable, the boosts can only entirely be attained when Fully Enhanced Set (7) Bonus is in effect. Without this, the perks provided by the ...

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Mercenary T5 Future Troops – Research Data Now Live


Research Data Now Live for Mercenary T5 Future Troops Check out the research tree here. The new totals for the entire Mercenary Combat Tree are: Mercenary Combat Tree Totals: Time (days) 3.15 B Power 24.58 B Coin 1.45 T XP 55.04 B Oil 152.45 T Iron 152.17 T Stone 152.52 T Food 1.45 T  

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Mobile Strike News – Commander Level 70


Commander Level 70 The maximum commander level has been raised yet again, now reaching all the way to Commander Level 70. In order to reach such a prestigious rank, one will need the new Valor Commendations. These, per usual, are found solely in gold sales. Commander Level 70 brings with it a wealth of benefits, listed below: New Support Skills: ...

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T5 Future Troops – Research Data Now Live

T5 Future Soldiers

Research Data for T5 Future Troops The combat research tree has been updated for the T5 Future Troops. Check out the tree here. The new research adds 8.8 Bil in power.  Unlike other research trees, there are no resource or time costs associated with them. Just the Future Soldier Files found in packs. The total number of research files required ...

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Mobile Strike Guide – Tier 5 Future Troops


Future Troops – Tier 5 Soldiers Tier 5 soldiers, codenamed “Future Troops,” are the new highest tier of troops ready for battle. This elite detachment is comprised of Strikers, Hunters, Wraiths, and Rocket Barrage. Additionally, these Tier 5 troops are accompanied by a fresh set of traps. Energy Fields, Plasma Mines, and Control Towers will now assist in fortifying your ...

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Guide to the Combat Lab


The Combat Lab The Combat Lab has finished development, and is primed and ready to kick your equipment into high gear. Employing this facility is rather straightforward; however, a Lab Blueprint is required to construct the building. Blueprints of all kinds are found in packs, so keep your eyes peeled. Once a blueprint is acquired, unlock the Combat Lab by selecting ...

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