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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – 8th March

Mobile-strike WU

            Week of March 1st – March 8th March 7th – Rebel Target – Scr00ge The Scr00ge has spawned again, and like before, the mods and materials to craft the corresponding permanent gear can be obtained by attacking it, gathering from the Scr00ge Weapons Terminal it leaves behind once defeated, or in specially marked gold ...

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Huge Commander Gear and Mod Update


Striker, Tfox, Judgement, Blizzard-01, Snow Stalker Gear, Plus Much More Now Live A huge gear update for you, all the Gear, Materials and Mod data on the site should now be completely up to date. New Commander Gear Snow Stalker Gear Blizzard-01 Gear Judgement Gear Tfox Gear GR-Falcon Gear Snow Leopard Gear SCR00G3 Gear Striker Gear Cupid’s Arrow Gear And check out the ...

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Global Control Point Released!


On February 25th, Epic War announced that the Global Control Point was being released, and would begin that day, February 25th at 4:00 PST/February 26th 0:00 UTC. The Global Control Point is the Mobile Strike analog to the Super Wonder in Game of War, so this was an expected release, it just came more quickly than we expected. Any commander with ...

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Building and Research Data Updated


Mobile Strike Data Update After receiving some feedback from a few of you we have gone back and checked a bunch of the data. There was some innacuricies but hopefully it should be much more accurate now. Firstly, we have updated all the buildings data.  This should now be accurate for all buildings. Check out all of the mobile strike ...

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Troops and Traps Data Updated


Troop and Trap Data in Mobile Strike All the data on Troops and Traps has been updated and you can find it here. We now have all the accurate date for Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 troops and traps. This includes amongst other things, Training Time and resources and Healing Time and resources. This can be ...

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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – 16th February

Mobile-strike WU

Week 10th Feb to 16th Feb 2016 14th February 2016– Judgement Set Gear Released A new set of permanent gear has been released, and it focuses primarily on infantry attack. The “set gear” terminology carries over from Game of War but there is no apparent bonus for completing the set. It can be found in the armory. 15th February – ...

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Quick Account Change Tip


Change Accounts Quickly in Mobile Strike A quick tip for changing accounts quickly for those of you playing Mobile Strike on an iPhone or an iPad. You can set up shortcuts to make typing your email address in much quicker. Shortcuts will automatically replace specific text with text of your choice. For example you can set up ‘mh’ to replaced ...

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Game of War vs. Mobile Strike – 2016

Game of War vs Mobile Strike

Comparing Game of War: Fire Age to Mobile Strike This is a commonly asked question. Those of you that are familiar with Game of War will immediately see the similarities. People just starting out with Mobile Strike might be surprised and amazed at all the extra features and complexity found in Game of War. So let’s take a quick look ...

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Protecting Yourself in Mobile Strike – A Beginner’s Guide


Mobile Strike Guide to Ghost Rallying, Shielding and Keeping Yourself Safe You will get attacked a lot in Mobile Strike, there is no avoiding it.  Early on, there is no way of effectively defending against players with much higher power than you. All you can really do is minimize your losses when they do attack you. The two most important goals ...

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Welcome to Mobile Strike Guide


Hello and Welcome Mobile Strike Players Mobile Strike Guide is a new website set up to offer all the data, tools and guides you need to be successful as a Mobile Strike player.  Using much of the same infrastructure as InsideGameofWar.com, this site is the only place on the web with comprehensive data on all aspects of the game. Here ...

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