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Operating a Solo Trap- A Guide

A Guide to Trap Accounts in Mobile Strike – Part 2

Note: This is the second part of a series of guides on trap accounts, following from the first at http://www.mobilestrikeguide.com/trap-account-guide-1/


When attempting to create an account to act as a solo trap, this should be the one word you remember.          

For instance when doing research… think about it, is that extra deployment slot worth gaining 2.3 million power for?

An extra deployment slot seems neat... right?
An extra deployment slot seems neat… right? Think again, considering its opportunity cost.

That deployment slot may allow you to gather more resources, attack more people or even send more resources to your alliance friends. However, upon deeper consideration you can assume it’s probably not worth it after all, because as a trap, you aren’t going to be gathering, sending resources, or doing the attacking most of the time- rather the opposite, and Kill Challenges are the main purpose of the game.

So as we had concluded in part 1, minimizing “wasted power” directly strengthens your trap account.
The main objective of trap accounts is to be effective in Kill Challenges, hence we must consider the below factors that make up power which will affect one’s combat strength against other players:

·         Useful power (Beneficial)

·         No power (Even More Beneficial)

·         Wasted power (Detrimental)

Useful Power:

1.     Base

I recommend people going to HQ22 if they have the resources to- the power gain is only 373,725 but gaining access to higher level buildings inside your wall is worth it. The purpose of buildings inside the wall are to increase the durability of the defending troops via health and defense boosts, so the lv.22 versions of training grounds and hospitals do that better than the lv.21 versions.

Ideally, you would have a mix of hospitals and training grounds for health and defense bonuses respectively.

Hq 22 is well worth getting, if you have the resources
Hq 22 is well worth getting, if you have the resources

I would keep the death row and prison to gain significant boosts upon executing a commander (could be your own farms one or an alliance member). However, eliminations take a few days so only do this if you have/will have instant eliminations, as you will not be able to hold commanders unshielded, if you are not rally ready.

Every person has a different combination of troops but generally speaking, the more troops you have, the more important troop defense is compared to troop health. If you have a lot of T1s or T2s as a meat shield to protect any higher tier troops, it is sensible to have enough hospitals to cover the amount you think will be killed by a solo deployment. If you are having simply t3s and t4s, you can have fewer hospitals and more training grounds, because they have more health already (being of higher tier), so less of them will die number wise. It is still wise to have enough hospitals to cover potential losses, however. 

2.     Troops

T1 troops give 2 power, T2 -8, T3- 24 and T4-36. This means you would really want to maximize the amount of lower tier troops you can have because they have the greatest strength to power ratio. However, there is a “nerf” to consider. If you have too many T1s and T2s compared to your T3s and T4s, you will be “nerfed”. This means if you had 1billion t1 troops, instead of losing a few troops to a single hit against you, you would lose hundreds of millions; roughly 30% of the defending troops are killed in a nerf hit. In order to beat the nerf, you must stagger troop building in a sustainable way. Everyone has their own theories on what the nerf limits are, but I recommend 5m of each normal t1, 3m of each normal t2, 1m of each t1, and about 500k of each t4. Yes, this will seem like overkill to take a solo hit, but it will mean you win solidly, without being nerfed.

3.     Research

I would recommend normal players to complete the entire regular combat tree, and all of its prerequisites in the economics tree. It is true that as a trap you might not end up using many T4s, but to keep the game interesting it is worthwhile to complete it all. T4s are also the hardiest troop tier defensively, and you will lose fewer meat shields if they are backed by T4 as well. As it is, the research will not gain you much power (relative to new researches), plus it is all combat related. If you decide to do some attacking, you will have strong t4s to attack with too, just be careful about the nerf if you decide to do so.

Trap research can be completed to unlock t4 traps to train for your wall and do more damage to anyone attacking, but it is not mandatory.

The commander tree has useful trap attack II, troop attack II and troop defense II, which I would recommend doing as it is cheap to maximize (in resources and power).

You should ignore all of the Advanced Combat and Advanced Trap research because you will not be using them.

At the top of battle tactics, you may consider the embassy capacity increase research (if people are willing to reinforce you often with t4 troops).

In the Manufacturing tree, it is definitely worthwhile researching the fourth mod slot in all normal gear so you can gain more combat boosts for all your troops. I don’t recommend completing any of the Mod Set Bonus tree as it is wasted power, and you will be unlikely to be hittable if you try to obtain any mod set bonuses.


4.     Commander

At level 50, the commander gives 5.3m power, and at level 60, it gives 511m power. At level 50, you can have enough skill points to max troop health and defense II and I, and put points into infantry/armoured vehicle/tactical attacks with a few left over. It does not really matter as you will have a balanced troop count anyway, and will not really be able to tell what type of troop you will be hit with, in the few seconds you have before an enemy deployment reaches your base. I would therefore recommend sticking to level 50 for the time being. This may change in the future, but level 50 is fine for now.


5.     Traps

These are useful because they will help you kill more troops at a very low power cost. It is definitely worth maxing out your wall with a mix of t4 traps, if you choose to complete this research tree. Each t4 trap has the same power as a t4 troop, but only increases your power by 5, instead of 36. It’s a great trade-off in terms of power to strength, so take it!

No power:

1.     Gear (mods +commander preset)

Good or great gear can be a game-changer. New sets of gear are released by the developers all the time; so try to make sure yours have as much health and defense as possible. For mods, I would recommend putting ones with health and defense in all slots of each gear piece- preferably level 6. So for instance, in my helmet I have a health mod, an air raid mod, a defense mod and a tombstone mod.

2.     VIP

The current highest level of VIP is 100, but requires spending a good bit of money. However, the combat boosts from it are quite significant- permanent VIP means you don’t have to remember to activate it, and you gain a free commander preset which can be equipped for free (can be used for a defense load-out). Perhaps most importantly, you gain 200% boosts in troop attack, health and defense.

Check out the benefits of a high level of VIP!
Check out the benefits of a high level of VIP!


3.     Reinforcements

This is actually something I feel a lot of people miss out on and don’t take full advantage of. At level 22, the embassy allows you to hold 1.25m of your allies’ troops to help you defend, at a cost of only 280k power to you. These troops can be all tier 4, which means you get a seriously impressive boost to your base defense for very little power outlay. It means you get up to 45 million troop power added to your base, without it being added to your actual power. You will need to persuade your allies to reinforce you, so make sure your own account looks like it will be a good trap and you have some meat shields, so that they don’t lose many troops. It means they will get a share of the kills, but ally troops will permanently die if they are not protected by meat shields. It also means you need good communication/coordination with players that have T4s to spare in your alliance, as you will need to ask them to send you troops whenever you are going to drop shield and try to do some trapping. Remember, battle tactics embassy research can increase the amount of reinforcements too, so this can definitely be beneficial.

Imagine 1.25m extra t4 troops added to your defense!
Imagine 1.25m extra t4 troops added to your defense!

4.     Boosts

When unshielded and waiting for someone to teleport next to you and attack, it is highly recommended that you have anti-scout active. Very often, players scout before they attack, and will look at the report to see what’s inside, to try to check if you are a trap account and also if they can win. It is true that bigger players do not do this very often, but rather just spam attack you with t4s because they expect you to be crushed by the first attack, and the other attacks are just overkill, for fun. I still recommend it because it allows you to hide your troop count for when the attacks start coming in. It’s likely the person will see that anti-scout was active, and question if you are a trap or not, but they will probably still attack anyway, and see what happens. They will be more likely to attack if you have low kills and/or if you are in bad gear, because it suggests you are not a trap/not ready to take a hit. Also, before the hit, make sure you activate your health/defense/attack boosts if available.

As soon as an enemy deployment approaches… activate the (2) boosts
As soon as an enemy deployment approaches… activate the (2) boosts

Wasted Power:

1.     Mission power

This is the bane of every trap account… It increases every time you collect the rewards from ‘Base Missions’- at the top of the missions tab. As the screenshot below shows, if I had collected the mission, my power would have increased by 2.5k. Opening all your base missions would work out as a big power gain you can never reverse. Indeed, if you have already collected these missions before reading this guide, I’m afraid you have gained wasted power- mine is 1.2m! Add yours in the comments to see how you compare (go to your profile and see missions power). I should note  that collecting from daily, alliance and VIP missions will not increase your missions power so collect away, without fear.

Don’t collect these!

2.     Outside the wire:

None of the buildings outside the wire will increase your power- keeping iron mines, quarries, farms and oil wells will simply increase your wasted power, by 112,118 each one you keep around, at level 22. Including slots requiring excavators, you could have 28 of these in your base- which would mean you have over 3.1m of power which does not help you in Kill Challenges one bit. Yes, it does let you hyper farm for resources, but, if you want to take your trap game to the next level, make the sacrifice. For only 20 gold you can instantly demolish these buildings, so this can be a quick change. It may be worthwhile keeping 1 of each type of resource collector if you have not finished upgrading your buildings inside the wire to level 22 (which you would wish to), and which require them as pre-requisites to save wasting resources.

Get rid of all of them!
Get rid of all of them!

3.     Inside the wire:

Since buildings inside of use are ones which give either health or defense boosts, it means buildings like Banks, the Trading Post, Warehouse, Armory, Research Facility, Hall of Heroes and the War Room are not useful.

Practically speaking however, for normal players, I would recommend keeping the trading post (to be able to give resources to other members), armory (to make new gear!), research facility (to do new research), and hall of heroes (for the +20 commander skill points at level 21).

4.     Research (unnecessary trees)

Do not touch gold gathering in the economics tree.  To get to the Troop Attack, Trap Attack and Troop Defense boosting researches in the Commander tree, one has to waste power on Rebel Research. It’s not a major power gain but it is still wasteful so only research what is needed to move down the tree to the good parts.  

Trap Defense II in the Commander research (or any trap defense) will help strengthen the traps you have, but it is added power that is probably not worth it, in the long run.

The commander preset upgrade in battle tactics costs 11.3m power, which is a very large amount and so even though it is very useful, I would not recommend getting it. You could have an extra 5.65m t1 troops instead of it- I would pick the troops over a preset. If you go to a high enough level in VIP, you unlock a free commander preset which can be used for defense gear.

In the Manufacturing tree, do not do any additional core research, as it is not a pre-requisite for unlocking the fourth mod slots on normal gear. It’s highly unlikely you will be using core gear.

I would ignore most of battle tactics research. The good parts are mostly far down the tree which would increase power too much to even make it feasible to get there. I would also ignore Set Bonus, Mod Set Bonus, Building Development, and Mercenary Combat trees are all very fancy, but the power gains are far too high and/or you will not be using them.


Definitely don’t research gold gathering much! (If at all)
Definitely don’t research gold gathering much! (If at all)

5.     Commander

A compromise must be made between the level of your commander and the benefits it can give you from the skill tree. It would be lovely to get to level 65, and unlock the ability to max out all the troop boosts, but the power gains would simply be too high. If you did go to level 65, or even 60, or even slightly lower, you would gain too much power and no longer be seen as an account someone can solo. People would rally you instead. From levels 50 to 55, there are no benefits combat-wise in the commander skill tree for a trap account.  Only 56 and above start giving more boosts, but as data tells me, from 55 to 56, your power would increase 50m on a level on level increase. From 56 to 57 it increases to 75m; so by that point the cumulative power would just be too high. So to avoid wasting power, stick to level 50!

6.     Troops

You can start wasting power by having too many troops of a high tier. It is true that the more troops you have, the fewer the losses you will take. To beat the nerf, while still remaining competitive power-wise, I suggested a composition of troops before. However, if you had decided to not use any T1s or T2s (because they are weak), and only used t3s and t4s, to gain the same effective Kill Challenge strength, you would clearly need millions of them. The fact that T3s are 12x the power of a T1, and T4s are 18x of a T1, but with only 3x the strength and 4.5x the strength respectively, it means you will gain a disproportionate amount of power compared to combat effectiveness. If it were possible, the most efficient way to trap would be purely T1 troops, but you would be nerfed. By utilizing only T3 and T4 troops, you are forfeiting the greater strength: the power ratio advantage T1 and T2 troops hold over the higher tier troops. If you start having too many of the higher tier troops, your power will shoot up, and it may mean people no longer see you as a potential solo, but rather a rally target, which you would not be prepared for. Also, do not build any artillery troops of any tier- they are terrible for defense.


I hope this guide has been very helpful to you and has informed your gameplay strategy. There are tips for anyone conscious about becoming better at PvP to take from this guide, not just trap accounts!

Indeed, as new things are introduced boosting troop attack/defense/health, bigger players will solo even more players. For now, due to most people having research power, I have seen people solo up to players with 1b power, so having more troops than suggested here will not reduce your chances of being attacked either.

Always do your best to minimize your wasted power, but maximize your useful and no power.

Take a few moments to tell me what you thought of this guide too, in the comments below, and share with your friends! If you have any great battle reports of taking solo hits, you could share them too with information on your traps, troops, gear and power.

An example of a successful trap account (clearly uses t1s/t2s often, which explains the large amounts of troops lost and hospitalized)
An example of a successful trap account (clearly uses t1s/t2s often, which explains the large amounts of troops lost and hospitalized)
Example of another successful trap account (before the VIP changes), with their power composition- troop power is the greatest, and missions power is very, very low
Example of another successful trap account (before the VIP changes), with their power composition- troop power is the greatest, and missions power is very, very low


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