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Operational Buildings – Levels 31-40


Operational Buildings

Operational Buildings is the title for all non-Core or Rural structures in the base, and are often also referred to as Specialized Buildings. Each Operational Building requires a different item to unlock, and whether it be a schematic or blueprint, is always exclusive to Sales. From there, Operational Buildings call for even more specific upgrade items, which yet again are sold in Sales.

Level 35

Unlike the Independence Day Levels, none of the upgrades from 30 to 40 provide any utility benefits, and instead they all offer a massive number of boosts. Another difference is that now instead of Milestone Resources, upgrading from 31 to 40 uses normal Resources. Only some of the buildings require the new Master Keys to upgrade, specifically buildings that require normal Keys for level 30.

Although the maximum level for Operational Buildings increased from 30 to 40, the game shows it as 35. As a result, there is only concrete stats available up to Level 35, which are shown below.


Black Market

Master Key to the Black Market

280T% Mobile Trap Attack, 2B% Indestructible Defense



Mobile Ops

Master Key to Mobile Ops

90T% Army Attack



Master Key to the Monument

935T% Rally/CP Troop Health, 125T% Overpowered Attack


master-key-to-the-speed-up-factorySpeed Up Factory

Master Key to the Speed Up Factory

425M% Army Armor Piercing



Master Key to the Vault

2B% Army Defense



Arsenal Fabrication Bot

All Arsenal Ammo Types:

465T% Troop Health, 185T% Troop Attack

biotech-lab-implant-kitBiotech Lab

Biotech Lab Implant Kit

Additional Serum Boosts:

930T% Army Health, 90T% Army Attack, 2B% Army Defense

thorium-power-cellCombat Lab

Thorium Power Cell

500M% Corrosive Attack



Gravedigger’s Coin

185T% Troop Attack



Esteemed Medal

930T% Rally/CP Army Health, 200T% Rally/Combat Shielding for Base, 90T% Army Attack, 425M% Type Armor Piercing, 6B% Type Defense, 2B% Army Defense

covert-assignmentCovert Ops Center

Covert Secret Assignment

465T% Troop Health, 185T% Troop Attack, 6B% Troop Defense





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