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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – 1st March

Mobile-strike WU

Week 24th February – 1st March 2016 26th February – Global Control Point Announced The Global Control Point, the MS strike analogue to the Super Wonder in Game of War, has been released. Commanders that have a Level 21 Base can use a Covert Teleport ( available in specially marked gold packs or for 250,000 gold) to teleport to the State containing ...

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Choosing Your Equipment – A Beginner’s Guide to Commander Gear


  Mobile Strike Equipment Crafting Guide – The Basics There are hundreds of pieces of equipment you can manufacture in Mobile Strike. How do you decide where to start? In this guide I’m going to talk to you through some of the basics. There is a huge selection of gear to choose from but as you will see, not that ...

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Beginner’s Guide to Attacking


Attacking Combat in Mobile Strike – A Beginners Guide One of the trickiest things in Mobile Strike combat is working out what is a good attack and what is a poor attack. There are a lot of things to take into consideration: Troop Numbers Troop Types Boosts Commander Level Equipment Headquarters Level A good attack is one where your combination ...

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Guide to Finding Materials


Looking For a Specific Material in Mobile Strike? Where do I find x material? It is a common question in Mobile Strike. The standard materials are the only ones that you can regularly get hold of all year round. Trying to get hold of a specific seasonal or Rebel Target material is much harder as we will see. Type of Materials ...

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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – 23rd February

Mobile-strike WU

Week 17th February – 23rd February 2016 22nd February – SCROOG3 Rebel Target Reannounced The Scroog3 is making another appearance, with the same permanent commander gear available as the last time this target was present. The Scroog3 mods and materials are available in gold packs containing Scroog3 crates, from attacking Scroog3 rebel targets, or gathering from the Scroog3 Weapons Terminal ...

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