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Even if agreement can be reached, it may not be sustainable.

If the COVID-19 alert levels change across different regions in the country, this could impact your ability to purchase a property. You may want to include a condition in the agreement about what happens if there’s a sudden change in alert level and you are unable to settle on settlement day. Some states require sellers to disclose the location and ...

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The Court has ruled that those agreements were illegal under Chinese law.

Whereas, Party B has developed, invented, and/or made the practical technology through utilizing resources and research facilities provided by Party A. The parties, the Client and NTUST, enter into this agreement in connection with the project, which the parties will conduct by means of industrial-academic collaboration and technology transfer, and agree to the following terms and conditions: This form is ...

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The new customer agreement will become available in 2019 in selected regions.

In order to encourage international commercial arbitration in India, to evolve a comprehensive ecosystem of arbitration the Government is establishing the New Delhi International Arbitration Centre (NDIAC) as a statutory body. The Commercial Courts Act, 2015, has been further amended and legislative exercise to further amend the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, is currently underway. These initiatives are being taken ...

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You can give the Agreement to the other party to get the deal signed quickly.

The General Contractor shall be the general contractor responsible for construction of the Project, pursuant to the Construction Services Agreement. Including a liquidated damages clause is not without risks. The amount agreed upon may not be enough to cover the full amount of damages that the owner suffered. Or it may be greater than the amount a court would have ...

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Non compete agreements in a specific industry have been enforced in VA.

ARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–E*TRADE Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: ETFC) announced that its stockholders have voted to adopt the merger agreement with Morgan Stanley, a leading global financial services firm. In its special meeting of stockholders, which was held earlier today, more than 99% of votes were cast in favor of the proposal, based on the preliminary count of proxies returned prior to ...

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