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Guide to the Alliance Store


Guide to the Alliance Store in Mobile Strike Some of the items in the alliance store are good value. Some are very poor value. We have just posted a guide to the alliance store that shows you what to spend your hard-earned loyalty on and what not to spend it in on. At the moment, Gathers are great value and ...

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Guide to Missions in Mobile Strike


Everything you Need to Know About Missions in Mobile Strike There are three types of mission in Mobile Strike Types of Missions: Daily Missions award: Commander Xp Resources Items Alliance Missions add: Loyalty/Funds VIP Missions add: Daily Streak Points (unlocked at VIP level 7) All three offer Commander XP, Resources and Items. Alliance and VIP missions add loyalty/funds and VIP ...

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Mobile Strike Weekly Roundup – 8th February

Mobile-strike WU

Mobile Strike Weekly Update – Week 2nd February – 8th February 7th February 2016 – Kong A new rebel target has been released, called “Kong.” The corresponding new Kong permanent gear, which will eventually be found in the Armory (under Special Event Gear) will also be released. Players can obtain resources and materials for the gear shown below by attacking ...

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Gathering Resources in Mobile Strike


All About Resource Gathering in Mobile Strike It’s true that you reap what you sow in all situations of life, and this principle can definitely be applied to Mobile Strike. This article will show you all the different ways of gathering resources in Mobile Strike currently. Here are the methods: 1.Opening resource packs This is more of a short-term solution, ...

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Guide to Artillery in Mobile Strike

siege guide

Everything You Need to Know About Artillery in Mobile Strike Artillery serves one purpose in Moble Strike, and that is to destroy  traps. In the early and middle part of the game, traps can be a real issue and artillery is the only way to deal with them effectively.  This guide should tell you everything you need to know about artillery including how they work, their stats relative to ...

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