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Legendary Champion Mod Sets


Champion Mod Sets The Champion Mod Sets are a series of three Mod Sets, each more powerful than the last. These Mod Sets are modeled after the Champion 2017 Gear Sets, of which they will no doubt be attached to. The sets by themselves provide a large boost, however the greatest benefit is gained through Mod Set Bonus. Because of ...

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Legendary Guardian 2017 Gear Sets


Guardian 2017 Gear Guardian 2017 Gear sets are the Defense versions of the Champion 2017 sets. This powerful new gear has been long awaited, replacing the outdated Siegebreaker set. Because of the focus around defensive capability, all 3 Guardian sets only provide Health and Defense bonuses. While this may seem disagreeable, it is clear that the Defense and Health far ...

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The Arsenal – Lock and Load


The Arsenal The Arsenal supplies troops with advanced and destructive ammunition. Each Bullet provides its own distinct bonuses, useful for various situations. Equipping ammunition is relatively simple: select one and activate it. At first, only one ammo type may be active at a time. This increases to two at a time with level 21. Every troop in a deployment While ...

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Set Gear Leveling – Stats, Boosts, and Bonuses


Set Gear Leveling Set Gear Leveling is an advanced experience system for improving commander gear. While Set Gear Leveling is available for unlock through sales, there is a catch; DBC membership is required to take full advantage of the benefits provided by Set Gear Levels. As well as this, only certain gear sets support gear leveling. At the time of ...

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Enhanced Combat Lab – Levels 21-25


Enhanced Combat Lab The Enhanced Combat Lab is an upgraded version of the original Combat Lab, spanning the levels of 21-25. These new levels build upon the previous levels, adding various new improvements. While the building is the same, the benefits of the Enhanced Combat Lab levels are far greater. The Combat Lab upgrades themselves largely increase the boosts granted, shown above. ...

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