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Guide to Advanced Traps

advanced traps

Advanced Traps vs. Regular Traps in Mobile Strike This is a brief guide about the new Advanced Traps in Mobile Strike. We will have a full guide to all Advanced Troops when they are released. I would recommend you start by reading our Guide to Traps if you haven’t already, as most of the information there applies to Advanced Traps ...

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Base Layout 101


Base Layout in Mobile Strike There are 25 spaces for the various building choices you have available, but you don’t have that many to play with in reality as you need one of each type of building until you reach Headquarters 21. You should have one of each type of building to help you level up your headquarters as you grow. ...

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Mobile Strike Weekly Update- April 26th

Mobile-strike WU

April 19th – April 26th     April 26th – Operation Band Together Update Mobile Strike players have now compiled over 305 million points in Operation Band Together. When Mobile Strike players collectively reach 400 million points, a Mobile Strike universe-wide 15% Research Boost will be activated for a limited time.   April 25th – Control Point Chaos Results The first-ever ...

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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – April 19th

Mobile-strike WU

Week of April 12th – April 19th April 19th – Rebel Target – Colossus Cannon A real, actual new rebel target has spawned, called the Colossus Cannon. This is the first rebel target to potentially drop Prototype Gear when attacked, when gathering from the Colossus Cannon Ruins it leaves behind once defeated, or in Colossus Cannon Crates that can be found in ...

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Mobile Struck (or Why We Stay)

mobile struck

Why we Play Stay Have you noticed that Mobile Strike is one of the top ten highest grossing mobile games? Why?? Is it because of the immersive graphic experience? The intuitive combat engine? The income agnosticism that allows any and all to become high power players? Or perhaps the developer’s excellent customer service? Meh… Probably not any of those, right? ...

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