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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – April 5th

Mobile-strike WU

Week of March 29th – April 5th April 4th – New Research Gear Announced Again The new research gear can be found in the Armory under the Economy Gear section. April 4th – New Manufacturing Research Tree Announced A new research tree has been announced, and likely will mimic the Crafting Tree in Game of War. This will likely change Mobile ...

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Guide to Assigning Skill Points for Your Commander

Commander Skilll Points

Commander Skill Points in Mobile Strike Commander skill points are a critically important feature in Mobile Strike. Each commander in Mobile Strike has a ‘tree’ of available skills, that are unlocked as your commander rises in level. Every time your commander goes up a level, he or she is granted more skill points to utilize. There are two sides to ...

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Guide to Capturing and Eliminating Enemy Commanders

Capture Eliminate Commander

Capturing and Eliminating Enemy Commanders Once you start to reach the upper levels of game play in Mobile Strike at headquarters level 15 and above, you will need to start worrying about making sure your commander is protected. Why, you ask? Because other players can capture and eliminate your commander, thus greatly reducing your combat, research, and production abilities. If ...

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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – March 29th

Mobile-strike WU

Week of March 23rd – March 29th March 29th – Rewards for Reaching Headquarters Level 21 and Researching T4 Troops Announced Players who complete Headquarters Level 21 and research T4 will receive a special Shooting Range with extra prizes and extra ammunition to help complete Shooting Range events. Special chat avatars will also be rewarded in the special Shooting Range. ...

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Setting Up and Building Farm Accounts


As you grow in Mobile Strike you will require considerable amounts of resources to sustain your growth, and continue training troops and researching. Aside from gathering, buying gold packs, and buying resources from other players (by gifting them gold in return for resources), the easiest way to obtain useful amounts of resources is by creating farm, or ‘alt’ accounts that ...

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