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Extended Building Development Research


  Extended Building Development Research Just as the title implies, the Building Development Research tree has been extended, and consequently brings with it a ton of extra boosts. While the new research nodes have absolutely nothing to do with buildings, this does not mean they are useless. Although there is a heavy focus on combat, there are economic boosts such ...

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Operational Buildings – Levels 31-40


Operational Buildings Operational Buildings is the title for all non-Core or Rural structures in the base, and are often also referred to as Specialized Buildings. Each Operational Building requires a different item to unlock, and whether it be a schematic or blueprint, is always exclusive to Sales. From there, Operational Buildings call for even more specific upgrade items, which yet again ...

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Building Boosts: Updated Guide to Building Modifiers


  Building Boosts Core Buildings are the basic structures that lie inside the Wall, including the Wall itself. Building Boosts may be applied to Core Buildings using Building Modifiers, which come in every Sale pack and some Challenges. From here on, Building Boosts mean the combat benefits given by Boosting a building, which are shown in above the Boost, Demolish, and Upgrade buttons. ...

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Divine Champion Serum and New Ingredients


Divine Champion Serum For the first time since the Biotech Lab‘s release, a new Serum is available: The Divine Champion Serum. Once active, the Champion Serum lasts for 30 days, and during that time gives the following stats: 2.5T% Overpowered Attack, 208M% Indestructible Defense, 20M% Corrosive Attack 15T% Troop Attack, 5T% Rally/CP Attack 126M% Troop Defense 25M% Troop AP 100% ...

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Annihilation, Mobilization, and Mighty Insignias


New Insignias Annihilation, Mobilization, and Mighty Insignias give boosts to all kinds of stats, with a huge amount of Troop Attack being common among all three. All three insignias come in Divine, Exalted, and Supreme. The Divine versions are 10 times as powerful as Exalted and 100 times more powerful than Supreme. *Bonus* When it was released, a Supreme Mobilization Insignia was ...

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