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Supreme, Exalted, and Divine Champion Insignias


Champion Insignias Raise the fla- er… Insignia! Champion Insignias come in three different strength levels: Supreme, Exalted, and Divine.  Because Insignias are a major component of battle, having the right setup is critical. Furthermore, it is important to know that Divine Insignias have a gold border, Exalted have silver, and Supreme have bronze. As a result, you should be careful not ...

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Avatar Collections & Power Squad


Avatar Collections Avatar Collections are squads of Chat Avatars, such as Alpha and Bravo. Collections work similar to trading cards in the sense that you must collect all the cards in a set, however, upon completion of an Avatar Collection, a reward of permanent boosts and items is provided. In order to view Avatar Collections, navigate to Profile > Change Personnel File Image ...

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2017 Grand Vanquisher Gear


2017 Grand Vanquisher Gear 2017 Grand Vanquisher Sets are made for annihilation. A step up from the Conqueror 2017 Sets in combat, this new class of attack sets unleashes a devastating number of combat boosts, all at your disposal. The Vanquisher Sets are designed to be the best in all around combat, providing both offensive and defensive boosts, coupled with some Rally/CP boosts. ...

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Conqueror Augments – Piercing, Prestigious, Plated


Conqueror Augments The Conqueror Augments Sets (Conquerer in America) are the latest cutting-edge Augment Sets to date. The new sets come in four different levels of strength: Ultimate, Supreme, Exalted, and Divine. As with other sets, the Ultimate is the least powerful and easiest to acquire, whereas Divine is the best and most expensive. In addition to that, Conqueror Augments are now ...

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Combat Mastery Research Tree


Combat Mastery Research Combat Mastery is the latest addition to the ever-expanding Research list. This new tree unlocks billions of additional boosts, and access to a number of new bonuses. It is important to read the boost names carefully, as some only apply to certain operations. Armor Piercing 175,000% Army AP, 175,000% Troop AP, 175,000% Type AP Attack 5B% Rally Troop Attack 5B% ...

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