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Understanding the Theory of Trap Accounts – A Guide


What is a trap account? A Guide to Trap Accounts in Mobile Strike – Part 1 Before we delve into a guide about the actual set-up of a trap account, we should first go over the actual strategy and premise of them. What makes a Mobile Strike account a “trap”? What characteristics do these accounts have in common with each other, ...

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Guide to Hyper Farming and Free Resources


  Hyper Farming As Mobile Strike grows, resources (rss) are becoming more and more valuable. Tiles are increasingly difficult to find or are threatened by tile hits, and most players with large amounts of rss are shielded. Hyper farms are a sustainable and free way to get the rss you need. There are two ways to hyper farm. The most ...

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Mercenary Troops – A Guide

mercenary troops

Mercenary Troops vs. Advanced Troops vs. Regular Troops Last week saw the release of a new troop type to Mobile Strike – the Mercenary Troops. And with it a change to the tactical make-up of the game.  The official line is that these troops are strong vs. Advanced Troops but weak vs. Regular Troops.  We set out to test this theory and establish the exact differences between ...

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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – October 25th


Week of October 18th – October 25th October 25th – New Research – Building Development Tree The theme of inflation isn’t going away, apparently. Game of War: Fire Age is up to VIP Prestige 25 and 8 million troops in a rally, and Mobile Strike appears to be headed the same direction. The benefits of this particular research tree are ...

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Guide To Control Point Rallies (Intro)


*THE CONTROL POINT IS CONTESTED* That message sounds the alarm for what is the epitome of inter-state combat – capturing and holding your state’s Control Point! We’re not talking about zeroing offline players in training gear here; we’re talking about unseating your enemies and fending off constant rallies for extensive periods of time in order to become the Head of ...

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