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Mobile Struck (or Why We Stay)

mobile struck

Why we Play Stay Have you noticed that Mobile Strike is one of the top ten highest grossing mobile games? Why?? Is it because of the immersive graphic experience? The intuitive combat engine? The income agnosticism that allows any and all to become high power players? Or perhaps the developer’s excellent customer service? Meh… Probably not any of those, right? ...

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Setting Up a Jumper Account


What is a Jumper Account? A jumper account is an account that is built up to headquarters level 5, including in terms of research, commander xp, and resources/gold in one state, then teleported to a brand new state in order to have a leg up on others that are beginning their accounts from scratch in that new state. It is ...

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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – April 12th

Mobile-strike WU

Apologies for this being a day late. Week of April 5th – April 12th April 12th – Black Market Announced The Black Market, where players can purchase rare items and gear for as-of-yet undetermined prices. We don’t even know the currency. If the rollout takes as long as the comparable ability in Game of War, expect to be quite patient. But ...

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Guide to Attacking Rebel Targets

Attacking Rebel Targets

Attacking Rebel Targets in Mobile Strike Rebel Targets are non-player characters that can be attacked for rewards, which can be a variety of gold, mods, and cores/attachments (I’m assuming). Every time you send your commander to attack them, your commander will bring back at least one item or prize, sometimes more. The higher the level of the Rebel Target, the better ...

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Mobile Strike Weekly Update – April 5th

Mobile-strike WU

Week of March 29th – April 5th April 4th – New Research Gear Announced Again The new research gear can be found in the Armory under the Economy Gear section. April 4th – New Manufacturing Research Tree Announced A new research tree has been announced, and likely will mimic the Crafting Tree in Game of War. This will likely change Mobile ...

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