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Divine Conqueror Mod Set (Up to Level 20)


Divine Conqueror Mod Set The Divine Conqueror Mod Set brings Mods to a whole new level, literally. Each Set consists of a Divine Conqueror Rifle, Cannon, Bazooka, and Trophy Mod. To acquire Mods of this caliber, a lot of smaller mods will need to be combined to higher levels. The good news about Divine Conqueror Mods is that they still ...

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VIP 170 – Free Rallies and Express Queues


VIP 170 VIP 170 (Tier 16) offers a major upgrade from the former VIP 160. Apart from being extremely expensive, these new levels are mostly focused around saving time, as well as and Rally and CP combat boosts. As you may have noticed in-game, VIP 171-200 shows up as available, however, it is likely the levels are only there as ...

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Troop Enhancements – Armor, Supplies, Weaponry


Troop Enhancements Located in the Training Grounds, The Troop Enhancement Tab is very similar to the Mobile Ops Stat Shop. This section displays the progress in all 9 enhancements, as well as the current Troop Enhancement Credit Balance. The Enhancements are divided into three categories: Weaponry, Supplies, and Armor. Weaponry (Red) improves Attack and Armor Piercing. Further, Armor (Blue) provides a small ...

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Research Point Rewards & Mods


Research Points Research Point Rewards allows you to install mods on research trees to acquire Research Points. Any type of mod may be used, and different mods provide different amounts of points. However, the new Research Point Mods are specially designed for Research Point Rewards and because of that reward the most points. First of all, to unlock the Rewards section ...

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Supreme, Exalted, and Divine Champion Insignias


Champion Insignias Raise the fla- er… Insignia! Champion Insignias come in three different strength levels: Supreme, Exalted, and Divine.  Because Insignias are a major component of battle, having the right setup is critical. Furthermore, it is important to know that Divine Insignias have a gold border, Exalted have silver, and Supreme have bronze. As a result, you should be careful not ...

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