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Legendary Daily Milestone Challenges and Items


Legendary Daily Milestone Challenges Legendary Milestones are an updated version of the Daily Milestone Challenges. These new trials offer Daily Milestone Items, in addition to the Tier 3 reward of a Daily Milestone Badge. Like all types of Challenges, Legendary Daily Milestones offer points for completing specific tasks. However, with Legendary Milestones each task has a maximum point limit, shown in ...

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Memorial Day Buildings & Atomic Speedup Factory


Memorial Day Buildings Memorial Day Buildings commemorate Memorial Day 2017. While there are no new buildings, the term applies to the level 30 versions of of the Biotech Lab, Arsenal, Combat Lab, Graveyard, and Covert Ops Center. Although it is not a part of the Memorial Day Buildings, the new Atomic Speedup Factory is also here. Listed below are the ...

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Arsenal Research Tree & Improved Ammo


Arsenal Research The Arsenal is a critical part of base to base combat. By supplying troops with more advanced ammunition, they are capable of performing in battle more effectively. The aim of Arsenal Research is to refine these munitions into a more destructive part of any operation. Combat & Extra Boosts – The boosts listed here apply to combat in general. Combat ...

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New Insignias & 4th Insignia Slot


4th Insignia Slot With the release of the Monument Level 3, a new Insignia Slot is now available for unlock. An Unlock Extra Insignia Slot item is needed for the upgrade, as well as a Level 25 HQ. Once the upgrade is complete, the 4th Insignia Slot is yours. New Insignias have also been released in tandem with the extra ...

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2017 Grand Protector Gear Sets


2017 Grand Protector Gear Bringing combat safety to a whole new level, the 2017 Grand Protector Sets have one task: fortify friendly units. In addition to Health and Defense, 2017 Grand Protector Gear Sets utilize the new Combat Shielding boost. This bonus nullifies the effect of attacks against you by reducing the opponent’s attack power. An important thing to note ...

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