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Armored, Conquest, and Piercing Insignias


New Insignias

The new Insignias come in three different set specializations: Piercing, Conquest, and Armored. All three specialization sets are made up of 4 different Insignia types, with each type granting different boosts. All 12 of these new insignias last for 365d 01:06:40, and have a 1 hour cool down. Conveniently, 4 total Insignia slots can be unlocked, and therefore a full specialization set can be used at once. However, there is nothing to stop you from mixing and matching them to fit your needs.

Divine Insignias sport the usual blue background, Exalted red, and Supreme gold. Of course, Divine is the best, and Supreme the worst. Equip your Monument with one of the twelve new Insignias (Boosts listed are for Divine Insignias):

Armored Insignias


Armored Insignias are best for use in base defense.

  • Troop Defense & Attack – 50B% Troop Attack, 10M% Troop Defense
  • Army Defense & Attack – 50B% Troop Attack, 10M% Army Defense
  • Type Defense & Attack – 50B% Troop Attack, 10M% Type Defense
  • Shield & Attack – 250B% Base Combat Shielding, 250B% Rally Combat Shielding, 50B% Troop Attack

All 4 Active: 200B% Troop Attack, 250B% Base & Rally Combat Shielding, 10M% Triple Defense

Conquest Insignias


Conquest Insignias combine defense and offense, making them perfect for Rallies and the Control Point.

  • Trap HP & Attack – 500B% Rally Trap Health vs CP, 500B% CP Trap Health, 100B% Troop Attack, 100B% Rally/CP Attack
  • CP and Rally HP & Attack – 1T% Rally/CP Health, 100B% Rally/CP Attack, 100B% Troop Attack
  • Shield & Attack – 250B% CP Rally/Holding Combat Shielding, 200B% Rally/CP Attack, 100B% Troop Attack
  • Quadruple Combo – 500B% Rally/CP Health, 250B% Rally Trap Health vs CP, 250B% CP Trap Health, 100B% CP Rally/Holding Combat Shielding, 100B% Troop Attack, 100B% Rally/CP Attack

All 4 Active: 1.5T% Rally/CP Health, 750B% Rally Trap Health vs CP, 750B% CP Trap Health, 500B% Rally/CP Attack, 400B% Troop Attack, 350B% CP Rally/Holding Combat Shielding, 250B% CP Trap Health

Piercing Insignias


Piercing Insignias are most effective in attacks against bases.

  • Troop AP & Attack – 100B% Troop Attack, 2M% Troop AP
  • Army AP & Attack – 100B% Troop Attack, 1M% Troop AP, 1M% Army AP
  • Type AP & Attack – 100B% Troop Attack, 1M% Troop AP, 1M% Type AP
  • Duo AP & Attack – 100B% Troop Attack, 1M% Troop AP, 100B% Rally/CP Attack

All 4 Active: 400B% Troop Attack, 5M% Troop AP, 1M% Army AP, 1M% Type AP, 100B% Rally/CP Attack

While the above covers data on the Divine Insignias, other data on all Insignias, including Supreme and Exalted, is found on the Insignia Page!


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