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Quick Account Change Tip

QuickclicktipChange Accounts Quickly in Mobile Strike

A quick tip for changing accounts quickly for those of you playing Mobile Strike on an iPhone or an iPad.

You can set up shortcuts to make typing your email address in much quicker.

Shortcuts will automatically replace specific text with text of your choice. For example you can set up ‘mh’ to replaced with the text ‘me@hotmail.com’.

To do this go to settings –> general -> keyboard -> shortcuts  and then click the + button to add a new one.

Makes account switching much quicker!

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  • KingoLingus

    People often ask (and I ask myself) about boosts. This was brought again after a discussion on the altar boosts (oops death row). The BIG Q is: all these percentages of BOOST are percentages of WHAT? I mean, basic math dictates to apply a percentage of anything you must first have a base value right? So looking at all these boosts, is it for instance a percentage of power? I can definitely calculate the percentage of speed on builds, research and training because these things have a BASE time to apply such to. Nobody has ever really said “attack boost is applied to”… So, Is it a percentage of troop power? If so, does the game take troop power + commander power + research power then apply gear and mod boost? Please help us all to understand this THANKS 🙂

    • Hi, each unit has base stats. For example a Tier 1 Troop has 100 Attack, 10 Defense and 1,000 Health.

      • KingoLingus

        So these boost apply using troops as the “base value”? So a 10% def boost is applied to each troop based on its individual power level and so on then hey? Seems logical 🙂

  • KingoLingus

    What are the gold and silver tickets in the packs good for?

    • Hi, if you check the in-game Blog the info should be in there

      • KingoLingus

        That has always been a problem for me. My android device has never displayed the text properly. Its like teeeny tiny chicken scratch LOL