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Rebel Tactics – New Research Tree

Rebel Tactics Research

A new research tree has been introduced to the game, called the Rebel Tactics tree. You can find it with all the other research, in the research facility. The lower levels of the tree are cheap so most players will be able to access it. It costs no specialist restricted research files- only regular research files are required. It is recommended that all players (even farmers) look at this tree because it gives large boosts to attacking rebel targets.

As you can see from level one alone, rebel attack is boosted by 20,000%, with even higher boosts at greater levels. The research looks costly in resources, but with new packs offering trillions (1000 billion) of each resource, the lower levels are quite manageable.


Benefits of the Research

As the game tells you, there are numerous boosts- ranging from increases in rebel attacking energy to control point health boosts. A picture says a thousand words, so the below pictures from in-game summarise it nicely.

Part 1 of all the available boosts
Part 2 of all Rebel Tactics boosts
Part 2 of all Rebel Tactics boosts

New boosts introduced are:

  • Deployment sabotage- Enemy deployments coming to your base will be slowed down by up to 100% if you max this research out. It means you have more time to prepare before being attacked.
  • Rebel boosts modifiers-Increase the percentage boost you receive when you activate Elite Rebel Target Boosts.

So you can see an example, here is the percentage boosts for different levels of Rally and Control Point Health. Don’t forget, this stacks with all the other health boosts you currently have, but only applies at the Control Point, not at bases.


Why research it now?

Purchasing a £79.99 pack nets you a zero speedup cost token for Rebel Tactics research. The pack also gives you the latest research gear- the Innovator’s set – which actually reduces research resource as well. When stacked with zero speed up cost, this means the tree is cheaper than it would have been previously.It also gives you the complete legendary Ultimate Grand Champion 2017 set which you could use to give your state the edge in the ongoing Battle League Challenges.

Key pack items highlighted
Key pack items highlighted


There is currently also a new extreme challenge based on this tree- Race to Rebel Targets Research. Large prizes will be awarded depending on the points you earn from progressing in this tree. rebel-tactics-race

Big players will find this research essential, particularly for the huge control point boosts, and general troop attack, defence and health boosts.

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