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Research and Building Tool

This Research and Building calculator will calculate the time and resources required to upgrade a building or complete a research in Mobile Strike It will also calculate the Power and Commander XP you will receive. Simply start typing in the box and select an option from the list. Note: To see your boosts, go to your base screen, tap your power at the top and then choose boosts.

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  • Sean Staggs


    This is nice work. But every time I go to see the resource requirement, I get a 404

  • Sabastian Long

    Could you explain how to make these calculations manually??? Also do you know an easy way to decide if you should use Speed percentage or Time?

    • Sean Staggs

      Sabastian, the manual is just math. The decision to use speed vs time boosts (Do I want the engineer’s hammer 33% at L4 or the workman’s toolkit – 1hr at L6).

      Take the time cut from construction and divide by the total time. So if it takes 10 hours to build a building, and your gear cuts an hour, that 1/10=10% … if that number is LARGER than the Speed gear’s percentage, use that gear. Once you get to about 12 hours the percentage gear is typically going to be better.

      If you aren’t sure on your calculations, put on the gear, go to the item and click upgrade, note the time to construct. Then go back, switch to the other gear, and go back in to upgrade…you’ll see the adjusted time.

  • Hi, I have added fixed time reductions to the tool. Hopefully it should be straightforward how these work but let me know if not.

  • bromptonista

    The calculator doesn’t account for VIP level speedup and any commander gear that offer a fixed time reduction…

    • Hi, good point – I will add the fixed time reduction. By VIP level speedup do you mean the auto-complete time?

      • bromptonista

        Yes. That’s very important for low building levels that could possibly finish in zero time with VIP…

        • Ok – fixed time reduction has been added.

          • boldy

            the calculator is not working after update. remaining time is always showing 0

          • Thanks – should be fixed now

  • E

    It would be very helpful, been waiting since its release

  • E

    Hmmmm…….still waiting