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Research Point Rewards & Mods

Research Points


Research Point Rewards allows you to install mods on research trees to acquire Research Points. Any type of mod may be used, and different mods provide different amounts of points. However, the new Research Point Mods are specially designed for Research Point Rewards and because of that reward the most points.

First of all, to unlock the Rewards section of the Research Facility a Research Points Reward Case and a level 25+ Research Facility are necessary. Once the requirements are met, the Rewards section becomes available. Slots are unlocked by completing the appropriate research. At this time, each section has one slot, with the exception of the Arsenal (2), Daily Milestone Rewards (2), and Combat Mastery (3) for a total of 25 slots. The Research section that a Mod is applied to does not affect the Points given.

Research Point Rewards


The Point Rewards tab shows the criteria for each of the 23 Point Rewards. At the top of the page is the Point Total which displays your current Research Points. Each Point Reward requires that a certain amount of each Point is held, and upon achieving this the boosts from that Reward are added to you. The current highest amount of points needed is 125,000 of each, which can only be obtained by placing a Level 6 Omni Mod in all the Research Slots (5,000 points x 25 slots.)

Research Point Mods


Omni Research Mod Level 6

The Omni Research Mod combines the ability of the other three Research Mods.

Points: +5,000 Tactics, +5,000 Operations, +5,000 Logistics



Tactics Research Mod Level 6

Tactics call for proper planning to improve Attack.

Points: +5,000 Tactics, +600 Operations, +400 Logistics



Logistics Research Mod Level 6

Logistics allots resources to CP combat.

Points: +5,000 Logistics, +600 Tactics, +400 Operations



Operations Research Mod Level 6

Operations increase combat experience to boost Defense.

Points: +5,000 Operations, +600 Logistics, +400 Tactics


Other Mods & Level 1-5 Research Mods: These Mods only offer points equivalent to their level. For example: A level 5 Operations Research Mod will only give +5 Operations, +5 Logistics, and +5 Tactics.

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