Oil Well Capacity and Production

Mobile Strike Research

Increase your Oil Well's Capacity and Production.

Level Time Power Hero XP Stone Food Oil Iron Coin Requirements
1 2y 247d 0h 0m 0s 1.13 M 49,650 54.6 M 51.48 M 51.48 M 54.08 M 54.08 M Research Facility 2
2 5y 335d 0h 0m 0s 2.49 M 109,780 93.12 M 95.06 M 97.97 M 97 M 97.97 M Death Row Health Bonus I 1 Research Facility 4 Death Row Defense Bonus I 1 Death Row Attack Bonus I 1
3 22y 363d 0h 0m 0s 9.67 M 426,560 424.36 M 416.12 M 416.12 M 432.6 M 432.6 M Death Row Health Bonus I 2 Research Facility 6 Death Row Defense Bonus I 2 Death Row Attack Bonus I 2
4 35y 184d 0h 0m 0s 14.93 M 658,620 587.1 M 541.5 M 581.4 M 575.7 M 541.5 M Troop Defense V 1 Troop Health IV 1 Troop Attack IV 1 Research Facility 8
5 40y 87d 0h 0m 0s 16.92 M 746,450 658.35 M 699.93 M 679.14 M 686.07 M 665.28 M Troop Defense V 2 Troop Health IV 2 Troop Attack IV 2 Research Facility 10
6 43y 268d 0h 0m 0s 18.39 M 811,300 831.6 M 768.24 M 799.92 M 752.4 M 768.24 M Troop Defense V 4 Troop Health IV 4 Troop Attack IV 4 Research Facility 12
7 48y 253d 0h 0m 0s 20.47 M 903,290 897.75 M 897.75 M 889.2 M 837.9 M 837.9 M Prison Captured Commander Bonus 5 Research Facility 14
8 100y 269d 0h 0m 0s 42.36 M 1.87 M 1.51 B 1.47 B 1.51 B 1.58 B 1.45 B Prison Captured Commander Bonus 7 Research Facility 16
9 107y 225d 0h 0m 0s 45.25 M 2 M 1.78 B 1.63 B 1.75 B 1.72 B 1.8 B Prison Captured Commander Bonus 9 Research Facility 18
10 111y 214d 0h 0m 0s 46.92 M 2.07 M 1.78 B 1.85 B 1.69 B 1.69 B 1.68 B Death Row Health Bonus I 9 Research Facility 21 Death Row Defense Bonus I 9 Death Row Attack Bonus I 9
Total: 0 Days 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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  • mikkel ridley

    Anyone know if deployment speed research also affects resource help deployments?

  • lady k

    I have just unlocked the core mastery level 4, when i opened the crate and applied the resources they did not add to my resource count, any ideas of what might have happened?

  • The Wizard

    I an not familiar with the RSS, “Wood”, in Mobile Strike?

    • Andy Roe


  • Carol Ann De La Paz Marino

    Thanks Slaggy! Awesome job on quickness 🙂

  • Carol Ann De La Paz Marino

    When is the research data coming out for “Advanced Combat” ?

  • Mr Nice Guy

    What is the maximum Hit power of Prototype Gears please? I mean when it is combined with cores and attachments. Also what is the right troop count or power to be able to take rally… Thanks

  • David Thrun

    Why is there two entries for every level and then they start over with two entries for each level with different amounts?

    • Hi, yes it is showing It is showing Troop Defense from the Commander Tree and from the Combat Tree at the same time. I’ll look into getting this fixed.

  • Oneoff

    Is “Armored Vehicle Defens”
    1) the boost for my armored vehicles when I use them for defense purpose, or is it
    2) the boost I get when the attacker uses his or her armored vehicles against my base, regardless of what troops I use to defend?

    • It is applied to armored vehicles in ALL combat situations. Both when attacking and defending. Higher Defense will mean fewer of your troops die.

      • Oneoff

        So you mean in all combat situations, where my own armored vehicles are engaged. But this is not what I wrote in my 2nd option, where mayby I don’t even have any armored vehicles, and only my opponent (!) has them.

        • I see – I have edited my answer.

      • Oneoff

        Thank you!

  • MrOverkill

    Hey scouting combat research doesn’t have any required resources for all levels

  • MrOverkill

    Troop defense research has levels repeated and power doesn’t correlate to the correct level

    • Thanks, will take a look. It is showing Troop Defense from the Commander Tree and from the Combat Tree at the same time.

  • Willie14


    when they are creating a new state as possible that players are in a 1 million power

  • Kevin Dixon

    What research is needed to unlock trap salvage? It is listed on radar reports, but haven’t found how to get it yet.


    the power that is gained from this research is actually 32000 (rocket infantry) according to the game

  • BarcodeBad

    this isnt right, it says ingame the power u gains from this research is; 2,309.643

    • Hi, which research are you referring to? Thanks

      • barcodebad

        Deployment Slot

      • barcodebad

        and also the tree after lvl 3 rebel is out of order, lvl 3 rebel unlocks Trap Attack, Maximun Energy limit and Trap defense.
        then u get to lvl 4 which unlocks Training speed II, rebel target defense debuff and hospital healing speed > unlocks commander attack streak II, commander attack II and Energy cost reduction II > lvl 5 rebel >troop attack and troop defense > unlocks Maximum energy limit II > unlocks rebel target lvl 6

        • Thanks, will take a look

  • What is the grand total of research power if you completed all research trees??