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  • #269 D3VILMAN

    I have noticed people saying the game will not let them jump. The game gives you 2 free beginner teleports. If you teleport for any reason the game will use the beginner teleports FIRST, so take that into consideration when you start moving around.

  • #269 D3VILMAN

    You should also mention the cap for RSS. You can only jump with a max of 500K of each rss. The rss you have in items does not count.

  • AirWolf

    I am also following all the guidelines and it will not allow me to teleport to a new State

  • KingoLingus

    If the common rules to MS are the same as GOW, dont you lose any cued RSS over 500M as well?

    • AirWolf

      500k not 500m

      • Hi, I haven’t specifically tested but this almost certainly the case, yes

        • Nick

          Yes, it’s been confirmed, 500k of each rss is all you can take on a beginner’s teleport between states.

      • KingoLingus

        Yeah, didnt noticed the M haha but you are correct its 500 K

  • Bb23

    You have to stay under hq5 to jump states. Once you lvl your hq to 5 you’re stuck in that state for good.

    • #269 D3VILMAN

      This is wrong. IF you level your base to HQ6 then you can no longer jump. SO remember Level to HQ5 and start maxing out all your buildings and research also Train LOTS of troops, you will need them.

  • Pcat72

    yea i cant jump into a new state either. im hq 5 commander lvl 31 i have 1 beginner teleport.

    • #269 D3VILMAN

      I had a HQ5 base, my commander was level 46, all my research and buildings were maxed for my HQ level and I had 800K troops and I was able to jump within 1 hour of state 269 opening.

  • Chuck Norris

    Every time i try to jump to the new state i get a message saying i can’t teleport into the state, any idea why?

    • There’s only a couple of reasons, and one I don’t think even applies to any states in MS yet. If the population of the state is too high, they’ll lock the state to prevent the population from getting disproportionately high. The only other reason off the top of my head is if you upgraded your headquarters past level 5. If it’s above level 5, there’s no way for you to port to another state currently. Eventually, assuming EW follows the MZ Game of War progression, you’ll be allowed to but it may be a couple of years though.