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Setting Up and Building Farm Accounts


As you grow in Mobile Strike you will require considerable amounts of resources to sustain your growth, and continue training troops and researching. Aside from gathering, buying gold packs, and buying resources from other players (by gifting them gold in return for resources), the easiest way to obtain useful amounts of resources is by creating farm, or ‘alt’ accounts that are built with that purpose in mind.

What’s a Farm Account?

A farm account is additional Mobile Strike account besides your main account with the sole purpose to produce resources for a main account. Now, how should you actually go about this?

Where to Start

After starting a new game from the login screen and completing the tutorial, the first thing you need to do is link your new farm with an email address. This is done by clicking More (on the bottom right) then EW Account, then Logout. This can be done with a new Gmail, Yahoo,  Windows Mail/Outlook account, or any other email service. I recently discovered a service called 33Mail.com (Thanks Ameral!), which was unintentionally designed for using multiple game accounts and simplifying the process. You create your own domain that is simply forwarded to a permanent email of your choice. So it would be something like emailname@yourname.33mail.com and then you forward it to your Gmail or other permanent email address. So the confirmation email Epic War sends will show up in your normal email inbox, and it saves quite a bit more time than you’d think.

After linking your new farm to a permanent email address, you can log in and out freely, moving between your main account or other farms, thus insuring they don’t disappear when you try to login to your main account.

Now you’ll need to decide what type of farm you’d like to make, and also, how many.

Different Tiers of Farms

As a general rule, the higher your level your Headquarters, the more time you’ll have to spend maintaining the account, but the more resources it will produce.

Headquarters Level 9 and below – lowest level of resource produce, but commander cannot be captured at all which insures production is never interrupted.

Headquarters Level 10 – Level 14 – the middle level of resource production, commander can be captured and held, but not eliminated.

Headquarters Level 15 – Level 21 – the highest level of resource production, commander can be captured, held, and eliminated. Must set fake rally or keep shielded to avoid losing hero.

How to Build A Farm

The most popular and generally efficient method for farming is to “hyperfarm,” which is a fancy way to say produce one resource and coin. The alternative is to make a farm or farms that make some of each type of resource, plus coin. It’s easiest to get a couple of buddies from your alliance and make one farm of one resource, and divide production of the different resources up however you like. Otherwise, there is a logical method for maxing out your farm production. I would recommend keeping them at Headquarters Level 14, as it is a reasonable combination of production and minimal effort.

To make a hyperfarm, pick one of the resources (food, iron, oil, or stone) and start building the corresponding type of resource plot in every space outside your base walls except for the three you need for one of each other type of resource plot to upgrade other buildings and have a small amount of the other resources on hand. As you level up your headquarters, upgrade all of your resource plots to the next level as you go. The only research I would recommend would be the corresponding economics tree researches and then you can knock your research facility down once you get to your desired headquarters level to make room for another bank.

Regardless of your chosen hyper resource, inside your walls you’ll need one of each building besides the three that require gold to upgrade your headquarters(no Prison, Death Row, or War Room), and the rest of the plots should be filled with banks that you also level up as your headquarters level grows. Once you reach the desired headquarters level you can replace the unneeded buildings with banks as well. The end result should be a constant supply of one resource plus coin. I would keep the trading post, so transferring resources is possible if you decide to use a central bank or want to send your main account resources.. You will need to be careful you don’t knock down any buildings required for leveling up your headquarters too early, as rebuilding them is a pain. This is also why you need one of each type of other resource plot besides your chosen hyper resource outside the base walls, as many other types of buildings cannot be built without one of each resource plot that you level up as you go along.

More Involved Aspects

To hyper an even amount of each resource, you’ll need at least four total farm accounts; one for each resource plus coin. You can build farms that produce everything, but they max out their capacity at much lower levels, and produce much more slowly, so hyperfarming is really the most efficient way to go. In order to accumulate amounts of resources above the max resource capacity of each account, you’ll need to use one account (could be another farm made for this purpose, or could just be your main account) to store all of the resources you are producing. If your main account is large enough you don’t need to shield, then use it, otherwise you’ll need to keep this ‘bank’ account or your main account shielded when not fighting so your resources are not taken. You should empty the farms at least once a day, more like every 12 hours if possible. It’s easiest to use your main account for this purpose, as you only have to transfer from each farm once, instead of farm to bank to main account. The other way to collect the resources from the farms is to hit them, but you will get fewer resources from hitting them than you would from sending them.

TL;DR Version

Making alternate accounts or farm accounts for the sole purpose of producing resources for your main account is an economical way to generate resources that doesn’t require terribly much long-term effort. You can make one, two, five, ten, fifty; it’s entirely up to you and should be based on how much upkeep time you want to spend building the farms and transferring resources. Keeping them at headquarters level 14 will keep you from having to shield them or fake rally them. If you level your headquarters up to 15 or higher, you will need to shield the account or reset a fake rally every 8-12 hours to prevent your commander from being eliminated, thus considerably reducing your resource production. This is why I recommend staying at headquarters level 14, as it is the best compromise between production and safety in my opinion. You can either divide your resource plots up equally among the four resources and level up those tiles as you level up your headquarters, or choose one resource and level up those tiles as you level up your headquarters. You should build a bank on any plot not spoken for inside your walls, which you will level up as your headquarters level increases and use to accumulate coin. Picking one resource plus coin to hyperfarm is recommended, as it is more efficient than trying to produce all four resources plus coin on one account. You can build a farm to produce each resource plus coin, or get together with others in your alliance and decide who will hyper what. Inside the base walls, you will need a trading post to transfer your resources to your main account or to another, shielded farm account you use as a bank, or you can attack the farms for the resources instead, though there is a similar penalty to the trading post tax that is comparable or a bit higher. You need to keep one of each type of resource plot built to level up other buildings, and one of each building except for the Prison, War Room, and Death Row to level your headquarters up until the desired level, at which point you can knock those buildings down (I would keep the 3 individual resource plots outside the city walls) to put up more banks.

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  • Var Ocketry

    So how do you set up a new Mobile Strike account to farm, do you need another mobile phone?
    When I click on the existing Mobile Strike button on my Android device, it automatically loads the original MS account?

    • Hi, First you need to go to options and create an EW account. After that you need to go to options and logout. Then next time you start the game it will give you the option of creating a new account.