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State vs. State Events


A Beginner’s Guide to SvS Events

A State vs. State event is much like an Alliance Challenge except that you are competing against other states. Whichever state accumulates the most points in 24 hours wins!

There are currently two types of events:

1. Research/Troop Training/Rebel Target Challenges

These are very similar to normal challenges, where completing any of these activities awards points. 

2. Kill Events

These are the especially fun ones. They are similar to normal Kill Events but you can port into the opposing Kingdom. More details below. These start at 1am UTC.

In addition to the Kingdom vs. Kingdom element, there are also individual prizes and alliances prizes awarded for achieving certain points targets. The individual prizes are decent but not as good as inferno prizes. The alliance prizes are silver/gold/mythic dragon gifts. Also like normal events, there is an overall leaderboard across all kingdoms with very decent prizes. Solo, Inferno Alliance Event continue to run as normal.

Prizes for Winning

Winning a SvS rewards your state with lots of tiles containing Gold. They start as lvl 1 tiles containing around 20 gold and increase to lvl 6 tiles containing around 1,600 gold . They are 150x faster to clear than normal gold tiles (150 Gold per 15 minutes).  It typically takes around 8 hours from the end of the SvS for all the lvl 6 tiles to be cleared/occupied.

How Often do SvSs Happen?

Disclaimer: This seems to change regularly. It used to be the case that a State did not get any SvSs until it was at least 3 months old. This seems to have changed. The Research/Troop Training/Monster SvSs now occur regularly. The Kill Events occur less frequently – perhaps once a month.

State vs State Kill Event Specifics

This the really fun bit, and in many people’s eyes the best part of Mobile Strike. They bring a whole State together in war against a common enemy. Just before the SvS Kill Challenge starts the challenge screen will announce who your opponent is. You are able to use an advanced teleport to port into their state (and them into yours). Once porting in, you can stay for 4 hours, after which you are automatically random ported back to your home state. The enemies are referred to as ‘Hostile Targets’

You score points for killing/wounding troops in the same way as normal Kill Challenges. Picking your battles is very important as scoring points is just as important as how many points you give away. You are given a points total for how many points you have scored, but not a State total. You also do not know how many the rival state has scored.

The State Chat room is open to people from both states. Your state will likely set up a private chat room. You should be aware that enemies can stay in your state for up to 4 hours after the event ends, so be careful.

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