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Divine Green Mamba Augment Set


    Green Mamba Augment Set The Divine Green Mamba set is useful in any type of combat. Because of the high amount of Attack and Armor Piercing, this set proves to be extremely effective when placed on a Warlord Deadeye. Not only that, but when added to the Judgment Set’s Minigun the large number of Defense will greatly protect expensive Infinity Troops from ...

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Juggernaut Augments – New Boosts!


Full Set Boosts: 200B% Overpowered Attack, 40M% Indestructible Defense, 40M% Corrosive Attack 2T% Rally/CP Attack, 2T% Type Attack 200M% Type Defense 20M% Type Armor Piercing 200T% Outpost/Raiding Health, 100T% Mobile Trap Health, 10T% Rally/CP Health Level 6 Divine Juggernaut Augments Replacing the outdated Vanquisher Augments, Juggernaut Augments offer far greater boosts and are the first Augment set to provide the ...

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Vanquisher Augment Sets and Crates


Vanquisher Augment Sets Vanquisher Augment Sets are unrivaled, mixing boosts to form a deadly combination of Attack, Defense, and CP/Rally Health. These new Augments are available for purchase through sales, in full or partial sets, along with Vanquisher Augment Mystery Crates and Collectibles. Mystery Crates have a chance to give Vanquisher Augments of any quality, as well as Collectibles that can ...

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