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Level 10 Rebel Targets


Level 10 Rebel Targets Recently, developers introduced a new top level of rebel target, level 10. These rebel targets spawn in the control point forest, so keep in mind your shield will drop if you teleport near one to attack it. New gear was released concurrently to assist with defeating them, seen below.   New Gear sets (all stats when ...

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Introducing Daily Milestone Challenges


Daily Milestone Challenges The game developers recently introduced two new Daily Milestone Challenge events- one for you, and one for your alliance. We would highly recommend completing them because they do not take much time or cost a lot to complete, and they offer awesome rewards.   Individual Daily Milestone Challenge So far, developers have only shown three variations of the challenge: 1-  Shooting gallery ...

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Mod Sets – A Beginners’ Guide

Mods Guide

Mod Sets and Bonuses – A Short Guide Mods. Any player knows what they are- small, powerful items that are installed onto equipment to heavily advance it. These tiny modifications provide a major boost on their own, but are limited to 4 slots per gear piece. Once the tool is full, the gear has seemingly reached its full potential and ...

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Guide To Control Point Rallies (Intro)


*THE CONTROL POINT IS CONTESTED* That message sounds the alarm for what is the epitome of inter-state combat – capturing and holding your state’s Control Point! We’re not talking about zeroing offline players in training gear here; we’re talking about unseating your enemies and fending off constant rallies for extensive periods of time in order to become the Head of ...

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Guide to Advanced Traps

advanced traps

Advanced Traps vs. Regular Traps in Mobile Strike This is a brief guide about the new Advanced Traps in Mobile Strike. We will have a full guide to all Advanced Troops when they are released. I would recommend you start by reading our Guide to Traps if you haven’t already, as most of the information there applies to Advanced Traps ...

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Base Layout 101


Base Layout in Mobile Strike There are 25 spaces for the various building choices you have available, but you don’t have that many to play with in reality as you need one of each type of building until you reach Headquarters 21. You should have one of each type of building to help you level up your headquarters as you grow. ...

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Setting Up a Jumper Account


What is a Jumper Account? A jumper account is an account that is built up to headquarters level 5, including in terms of research, commander xp, and resources/gold in one state, then teleported to a brand new state in order to have a leg up on others that are beginning their accounts from scratch in that new state. It is ...

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Guide to Attacking Rebel Targets

Attacking Rebel Targets

Attacking Rebel Targets in Mobile Strike Rebel Targets are non-player characters that can be attacked for rewards, which can be a variety of gold, mods, and cores/attachments (I’m assuming). Every time you send your commander to attack them, your commander will bring back at least one item or prize, sometimes more. The higher the level of the Rebel Target, the better ...

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Guide to Assigning Skill Points for Your Commander

Commander Skilll Points

Commander Skill Points in Mobile Strike Commander skill points are a critically important feature in Mobile Strike. Each commander in Mobile Strike has a ‘tree’ of available skills, that are unlocked as your commander rises in level. Every time your commander goes up a level, he or she is granted more skill points to utilize. There are two sides to ...

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Guide to Capturing and Eliminating Enemy Commanders

Capture Eliminate Commander

Capturing and Eliminating Enemy Commanders Once you start to reach the upper levels of game play in Mobile Strike at headquarters level 15 and above, you will need to start worrying about making sure your commander is protected. Why, you ask? Because other players can capture and eliminate your commander, thus greatly reducing your combat, research, and production abilities. If ...

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