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Assault Vehicle Hangar and Units


Assault Vehicle Hangar The Assault Vehicle Hangar is the building that houses Assault Vehicles. In order to use the Hangar, it must be unlocked with an Assault Vehicle Hangar Blueprint. Upgrading the structure requires Hangar Upgrade Checklists, and it can reach up to level 40. Increasing the level allows access to more units, as well as greater building boosts. Level 40 ...

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New building- the Graveyard


The Graveyard                 The purpose of the graveyard is to grant additional combat boosts of up to (at level 20): 250,000% army attack 400,000% army rally and control point health 1000% piercing for infantry, tactical and armored vehicle troops As you upgrade the building, the combat boosts granted for army attack, rally and ...

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