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Divine Champion Serum and New Ingredients


Divine Champion Serum For the first time since the Biotech Lab‘s release, a new Serum is available: The Divine Champion Serum. Once active, the Champion Serum lasts for 30 days, and during that time gives the following stats: 2.5T% Overpowered Attack, 208M% Indestructible Defense, 20M% Corrosive Attack 15T% Troop Attack, 5T% Rally/CP Attack 126M% Troop Defense 25M% Troop AP 100% ...

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Supreme, Exalted, and Divine Champion Insignias


Champion Insignias Raise the fla- er… Insignia! Champion Insignias come in three different strength levels: Supreme, Exalted, and Divine.  Because Insignias are a major component of battle, having the right setup is critical. Furthermore, it is important to know that Divine Insignias have a gold border, Exalted have silver, and Supreme have bronze. As a result, you should be careful not ...

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